I Own Over 100 Swimsuit (Really) and Predict It Will Be Big 2021 Trends

I Own Over 100 Swimsuit (Really) and Predict It Will Be Big 2021 Trends

There is nothing like living during a year-long swim. I recently moved to Miami from New York, and I must admit, I often reflect on why I did not move earlier. From the emergence of emerging swimwear designers to wearing the latest trends, I am no doubt obsessed with bikini . After being an editor in the swimwear industry for over six years, completely immersing myself in the world of swimming, sometimes, I feel like I really saw it all. However I have pleasantly proven wrong time after season as swimming takes on new silhouettes ( sometimes surprisingly ), innovative printing techniques, and rare fiction.

In 2021, beloved Swimwear trends are gaining a necessary makeover — imagine sophisticated animal prints and soft fabrics that comfort. There is something about swimming that immediately elevates your mood, perhaps because they symbolize warm summer days or non-nostalgic vacation memories. Ahead, we reveal the top 2021 swimming trends that will make you happy so you can start curating your new swimwear collection today. And if you’re like me, we both can agree that you can’t have too many swimsuits. From modern cuts and colors to versatile tops, keep scrolling to discover must-have swimming trends of 2021.

During this time, i update your underwire bra-top with a engraved number. Similar to the sloping underwire, the sculpted underwire offers the same lift, but with a more dynamic look. And in my opinion, makes for a great moment on Instagram.

Complete set: Fisch High-Cut Bikini Briefs ($ 97)

Complete set: Fella Chad Bottoms ($ 77)

Farewell to the cut-outs on the side, hello keyhole cut-outs. The subtle detail of this design will instantly elevate your look by strategically placing it on the body proving to be extremely flattering. We love a piece of wardrobe versatile, so try pairing a denim short to complete your look.

So far, we all know that animal printing is really nowhere – and we are perfectly okay with that. Refresh your animal print clothing collection by opting for a fewer iterations of your favorite prints.

Complete set: Sie Swim Parker Bikini Bottom ($ 88)

Complete set: Aemome Tiger-Print Bikini Briefs ($ 68)

I often claim that I am not a one piece type gal, but I will admit – I was wrong. Nowadays, the asymmetrical cuts that the body gets are taking it to a whole new level. Not only do they emphasize body curves but they also transform your boring swimsuit into a fresh new style.

Complete set: Mikoh Bondi Cheeky Bikini Bottoms ($ 90)

According to Former Editor and Founder beloved Jade Swim brand, Brittany Kozerski-Freeney, "For spring we created a pastel collection that has become our strongest collection to date among retailers. Retailers love the neutral pastel color palette, with no time and pair with the rest of your wardrobe. We also choose pastels that compliment all skin tones. "

Complete set: Blackbough Swim Classic High Bottoms ($ 40)

As we spend almost 2020 at home in our cozy loungewear, swimming in 2021 will also show the same feeling of finding comfort in what we wear. According to Naomi Newirth, designer and Founder of the iconic swimwear Acacia, this season is all about craftsmanship. Opt for soft fabrics when investing in classic silhouettes of swimwear, such as a one piece retro square neckline or a bikini bandeau.

While indulging in bright colors and eccentric prints are always happy buying new Swimwear, this season returns to the beauty of the basics. There is really no boring about a perfectly designed triangle bikini. And the best part about this simple silhouette? Styling it with beach accessories.

Complete set: Solid & Striped Eva Bikini Bottoms ($ 79)

Complete set: L * Space Jay Bitsy Bottom ($ 79) [19659014]

Update your belt swimming style with a detailed tie detail. Offering the same details that fit the waist like a number belt, the tie wrapped around the waist for a more subtle look.

Complete set: Mattaeu & # 39; s Crinkled Bikini Briefs ($ 135)

That's right – the & # 39; 80s cheeky high-hip style is here to stay. " We see customers and retailers willing to show more skin," Kozerski-Freeney revealed. "For example, our thong bottoms have become our top seller not only for e-comm customers but also for retailers who are traditionally more conservative in their purchases. We love to see those customers are more comfortable with skin display! "

Complete set: Devon Windsor Iryna Bikini Top ($ 70)

Probably a silver lining of last year, the Consumers are shifting to careful investment in multi-use pieces ie in their wardrobe. "Our tops are bought and worn more for use as underwear and layering pieces that are more than just a swimsuit. We designed all our suits with it but we can see it now in the customers and how retailers buy the line, "Kozerski-Freeney said.

Complete set: Jade Swim Bare Minimum Bottoms ($ 90)

Complete set: Ganni Leopard Print Bikini Briefs ($ 95)

While retro silhouettes have dominated swimming trends over the past few seasons, from square neck lines to high-cuts briefs, retro mood- invigorating prints and color combinations are being introduced nowadays.

Complete set: Faithfull the Brand Marina High-Rise Bikini Bottom ($ 90). Next, find out the little swimsuit outfits that are always worn.

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