I Really Became a Bikini Instagram Expert – The 6 Best Photo Styles

I Really Became a Bikini Instagram Expert – The 6 Best Photo Styles

Bikinis hold a special place in my heart. Swimwear was the first market I was assigned to edit when I became a fashion editor, and now, after many years of discovering the latest trends, meeting designers, and working on photo shoots , I became an expert in bikinis. From retro maillots and barely there bikinis to swim skirts and the return of low rise I saw and tried them all. So, my Instagram has become a real testament to my continued love of bikinis.

We're filled with bikini styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics to choose from [ not a horrible situation) and it can be a challenge to filter through and find silhouettes that work best for you. Although there are bins overflowing with every single bikini style you can think of, I tend to stay true to the same six styles that are flattering and, of course, Insta-approved. I was mistaken on the side of the high, more cheek bottom, like our confessional thong bikini trend back, because the cut lengthened your legs and added to your curves. I also opted for textile fabrics; Whether it is ribbed or a scrunched knit, textured bikini is aesthetically enticing in ' grams. Below is a complete guide to the six bikini styles that are best to photograph. Trust me, they won’t let you down.

The V-Cut ' 80s Bottom

The brief inspiration ' This 80s has sprung up in almost everyone’s wardrobe, and there’s a reason: The deep V-cut fits perfectly above your hip, creating an illusion of length by accentuating your legs. No need for photo editing when a swimsuit does it for you.

If I NEED to choose a favorite…

However, this color.

The cool fabric print makes an unmistakable picture.

The Front-Tie Top

When it comes to Instagram, I’ve learned that quiet details can enhance the quality of a post. Update your classic two-piece with a unique front-tie detail to lift up a basic bikini top. Bonus: The front tie is fully supportive.

An eternal silhouette.

So ' t chic.

Scarf prints have always been a must-have.

The Square-Neck Maillot

A rare sight: I'm strengthening a piece. See, there’s nothing wrong with one piece, but if I wear one, and go to Instagram here, it should be just right. The latest neckline introduced during this period was the square neck. The understated scoop emphasizes the collarbones and, I might add, serves as the perfect canvas for a gold chain necklace.

Everyone needs a one -piece belt.


Sophistication at its best.

The Cheeky Bottom

Embrace those cheekier cuts! I’m not saying you need a full thong, but try to opt for less coverage, which will naturally complement your curves.

In nature.

When you are ready to give up on the trend.

Here is a high-end version.

The Textured Crop Bikini

Remember those ' 90s scrunched tops? So, they’re back with these scrunched knit bikinis. The elastic seersucker fabric complemented by the crop crop sport is for the ultimate dynamic duo.

A style statement, no doubt.

Does it get more flattery?

How perfect is this color?

The Classic Triangle String Bikini

Back to the classic tiny string bikini. A style that has withstood the test of time and prevails as a swimsuit outfit you won’t be mistaken for Insta.

The perfect shade of rose.

A very quintessential bikini.

A classic to wear every season.

Update this classic silhouette with a delicate floral print.

A masterpiece of Versace.

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