I Research Fashion 5 Days a Week, These Outfits Truly Wow-ed Me

I Research Fashion 5 Days a Week, These Outfits Truly Wow-ed Me

When fashion is your job, you end up consuming a lot of it. Every day I scroll through runway images, press releases, shopping websites, and social media to gauge which trends are rising and which items are worth buying. While fun, it also means that I see a ton of outfits. And for me to take notice, a look truly has to wow me. Because I never want to forget a really good look, I usually keep a running list of outfits that fit into this category. Today, I’m exposing my list of recent outfit saves. 

From timeless, elegant ‘fits to more experimental looks, the below range across the sartorial board. They’re also great points of reference to perhaps push the envelope of your own wardrobe this summer. Keep scrolling to seem them all.

Style Tip: With simple outfits like this, it’s all about proportions. The trousers should be loose, with the shirt slightly oversized. Add in a belt to accentuate the difference in silhouette.

Style Tip: Embrace print clashing by choosing contrasting yet complementary pieces. A midi-length skirt balances out the risqueness of the top.

Style Tip: A sweatsuit doesn’t have to be the default travel outfit—loose cargo pants and an oversized tee can look equally chic with statement sneakers. 

Style Tip: A crop top and jeans are a faithful formula, but that’s simply because it works. To give this an intentional spin, style your cropped blazer with a sheer black bra. Baggy jeans also feel very of the moment.

Style Tip: Here’s an idea of what to do with all of those shackets you accumulated last fall: layer it over a body-hugging tube dress for a cool nighttime look. Black sunglasses are the cherry on top.

Style Tip: Although green is the focus here, theoretically this outfit formula applies to any color family. Use varying shades of the same color to create dimension.

Style Tip: It’s rare to find an occasion where a silk midi dress won’t suffice. For a romantic night out, try styling it with statement heels to turn things up a notch.

Style Tip: Vacation looks can be hard to pin down, but here’s an example of an outfit that can go the distance. It’s loose and flowy, yet polished enough that you’ll fit in should a fancy restaurant be on the itinerary. 

Style Tip: Little details can make a huge impact, like the addition of this thin belt. The accessory adds a sophisticated element that would otherwise not hit the same without it.

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