I Save Almost All My Clothes — Here's What I Always Look For While Shopping

I Save Almost All My Clothes — Here's What I Always Look For While Shopping

When there's a frugal tug on my TikTok For You Page, it's hard to resist the urge to watch. I love seeing the weird items that people see at their local thrift or vintage store and live by them. I saved a lot throughout college, but sometimes I still have a hard time figuring out what to look for in big stores and figuring out what’s easy to style. One of my favorite frugal on TikTok Bridget Brown, eases the struggle for me. I can’t ignore his videos, because he just finds things that sometimes seem too good to be true. She knows how to find merchandise, from ' 70s boots with heels to thick knits and scarves. Since she seems to be an expert at saving and incorporating pieces into her daily wardrobe, I decided to ask her all the shopping tips and what she was looking for in going to the store.

If you're looking for frugal help or you just want styling inspiration from a girl who knows the way to use vintage clothes, Brown is one to follow. Keep scrolling for her tips to find hidden gems. If you can't get out of the thrift store IRL, I've found a few second-hand items online for you to shop, but act right away because they sell out fast.

What do you want in savings? Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to be more sustainable and save more on clothing items?

Saving has helped me define my style and have the confidence to challenge it. everyday. Some people find it stressful and overwhelming to save, but I think it’s the exact opposite. I’ve always been passionate about sustainability, so buying secondhand really helped lower my carbon footprint. I would say I buy 80% secondhand and 20% new. When I’m shopping for a new one, I always try and buy pieces that I know will last and will be staples within my wardrobe. Thrift when it comes to fashion has also been a great inspiration to me — to buy exotic pieces that don't fit the current "trends."


[19659002] In your videos, you always talk about the staples you want to find in the thrift store. Can you list five staples that you are always looking for while saving?

I think making a capsule wardrobe is not only super fun but also very important. Versatility is very important to me when choosing new pieces. When I save, I try to find timeless pieces that I know I can make a lot of pieces and create a lot of different outfits. A capsule wardrobe isn’t going to be the same for everyone, and that’s why it’s so much fun.

“Almost all outerwear is proprietary I haven't sold anything secondhand yet but it's also vintage.The thrift store (the ones in my area at least) is always flooded with incredible jackets.Not only will you find beautiful vintage pieces, but you also pay a fraction of the price of the new one. "

" A good pair of jeans can be the number one wardrobe that matters in my opinion. When I'm shopping jeans, I looked strictly at the men’s section.I found that the women’s section was always flooded with jeggings and outdated styles, while the men’s section was full of beautiful vintage denim.I usually had to change into those. jeans of men when I save them, but they end up. fits perfectly, and the whole process is cheaper than buying new and better in my opinion. Vint age denim hits different. "

" Another staple I look for when saving is pants and trousers. Pants are something I was lucky to find in the women’s section at the thrift store. Having a few nice pairs of pants will completely expand your wardrobe and help when you’re looking to elevate a garment. ”

“ Knitwear is one another good staple to look for in savings. Knitwear can be expensive, so being second-hand not only saves you money but allows you to find more unique knitwear that no one else will have. "

“Shoes and bags are the last staple I look for in savings. For some, buying used shoes may seem embarrassing, understandably, but the good thing about buying used shoes is that they are likely to be worn out and stretched, making life easier. Bags are also great to find at savings. There are always so many fun and unique styles that are great for lifting any garment. "

Tip #1: " I always tell people who want to go into savings and buy secondhand that they need to be patient. The thrift store can be overwhelming and cluttered, so if you’re not patient, you probably won’t enjoy yourself. ”

Tip #2: “ Throw everything away of in your cart that catches your eye and will pass through it often. One big thing, especially when alone and without a second opinion, is sometimes not knowing if something is cool and weird or just straight-up ugly. I’ll put anything in my cart or basket that catches my eye, and over my shopping, I’ll go through the cart and look at everything. I have found that it helps a lot. I may prefer the items or I realize I don’t like them. ”

Tip #3: “ Have an idea of ​​the things you want to look for in savings. I find it more enjoyable to enter without a list in mind and just see what stays with you. You'll be more fortunate to find interesting pieces when you're not focused on finding specific items. "

Tip #4: " An enlargement tip when you can't try pants. is the neck gimmick. I'm sure most people know this, but it really does say that if the waist of a pair of pants fits your neck, the pants will probably fit your waist. "

Tip #5: "Donate old items first. Many thrift stores offer coupons when you donate even one item, and with inflation and rising savings prices, a 20% discount is always nice when you don’t want to spend $ 50 on a leather jacket. "

] Tip #6: " For people who don't enjoy personal shopping and prefer to scroll through their phone, Depop has been a big player in the secondhand market in the past. that’s been a few years, but I’ve always been fond of eBay. I found that eBay has a wider selection of vintage pieces to scroll through, and often, items are listed for very low prices. Otherwise, there's also a feature that offers eBay to place bids on items, and if you're lucky, the seller will accept your very low bid;) .. "]

Is there particular thing in terms of a fashion item or trend you want to save or buy in 2021?

I don't consider myself a trendy person, so there isn't any particular trend or trend that I expect to save .However, I’ve been really fond of layering lately, so I like to find smaller jackets and knitwear to get a more layered look.I’s always looking for large coats, so that’s on my list too.If it’s about fashion of winter, I want to find some fun winter accessories.I really love big scarves and fur hats, so anything associated with that.On a completely unrealistic note, I really want to find a vintage designer bag, preferably a Fendi Baguette. I saved a few designe r pieces before like a Christian Dior dress shirt and blazer, as well as some Prada mules, so it’s not completely out of reach. I might run out and treat myself to a vintage designer bag at some point next year from a consignment shop. ]

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