I Spent Time Hunting Down an Iconic Vintage Item and Almost Never Shared

I Spent Time Hunting Down an Iconic Vintage Item and Almost Never Shared

While I love diving into the latest designer runner show and uncovering emerging brands, my other big point of fashion trend is the selection of breed . In recent years, I will make a stopping point at local vintage stores wherever I travel. Recently, I was hunting for vintage online, as there are not many fantastic spots to find beautiful pieces. For me, interior shopping is always a fantastic way to discover unique pieces that you will never see anyone wearing and an opportunity to buy pieces that you may have missed buying for the first time. Plus, it’s a great way to shop around maintain and breathe new life into beautiful fashion pieces.

Usually, the vintage pieces I buy are the most worn items in my closet. Among them, a pair of black Prada mules finished with a detailed silver zipper that I consider to be the ultimate shoe wearing, & # 39; 90s Levi & # 39; s I picked up on a flea market, and an unlabeled blazer I saw in a shop in Paris when I lived there years ago. Since I am always on the lookout for the best vintage fashion, I wanted to share some of the new finds I was looking at.

The fact that the Louis Vuitton nano fast bag even if there is only one makes me happy.

While many brands have been copying iconic denim from the 90s & # 39; s today, here & # 39; s an opportunity to reach out to your real deal.

These Chanel sneakers are an actual piece of dream.

Jacquemus from the La Bomba collection. So many yes.

The most iconic investment bag you can buy.

The most stunning piece of silver.

This is the 1996 Tom Ford for Gucci that they really pass very well.

You will not find them anywhere.

The most beautifully stacked pieces.

These shoes from The Row were sold anywhere last year, so here's your chance to finally catch a pair.

One of Prada's most sought after bags.

The shade of this heel from Attico.

Senior Who What Wear market editor, Judith Jones, has her own amazing vintage store with a collection that looks really good like a customized blazer.

With increasing belly chains, this is one piece you want to add to your closet.

Just so good.

The ultimate classic bag.

Issey Miyake's pieces are truly a work of art.

I will never be more in love with silver jewelry — or this bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

The most stunning possible heel. [19659022] One of Balenciaga's most iconic silhouettes.

From the Coco crush collection, which I will not overdo.

If they were my size, they would certainly not be available today.

Such a beautiful bag.

These slides call my name.

I could not be more expensive with pieces from Pangaia.


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