I Stalk H&M Like It’s My Job, So I Assembled 6 Chic Outfits That Are Just Easy

I Stalk H&M Like It’s My Job, So I Assembled 6 Chic Outfits That Are Just Easy

As a fashion editor, most of my day is spent looking at clothes and scoping out trends, but even as a professional shopper there are times when I don’t want to be bothered with picking out an outfit. Sometimes you just want to give someone else the responsibility of telling you what to wear. Today, consider that “someone” me. 

For this round of outfit inspiration, we’re revisiting H&M. The website has a constant influx of fresh arrivals, and the most recent drop is basically all of the season’s coolest trends rolled into one. Open-work crochet pieces, light wash denim, and trendy sandals are a few of the highlights, and I’ve included them all in six immaculate outfits to get your summer sorted.  

Bookmark this page, because there almost certainly will be a point when you’ll want to leave the styling up to someone else. Keep scrolling to shop all six of my ideal summer looks.

Life is too short to go to the beach in an unceremonious oversized t-shirt and sweatpants. Cover-ups have evolved so much, that they also function as occasion wear, including this openwork mini dress. Pair it with a bright bikini for more drama, and throw in a bright scarf (or a sarong that also serves as a headscarf) for more intentional styling.

While you browse through Rennaissance paintings and marble busts, do it in this low-key ensemble that’s equal parts comfortable and stylish. Swap out the cushy flip-flops for a heeled shoe if you plan for a night time dinner.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Cancun or the coast of Italy, a breezy resort look is essential. A palette of crisp whites will always look sophisticated no matter the setting. 

Going to the office (it’s definitely a thing now) doesn’t have to feel so dreadful when you’re outfit is on point. When pants can feel too covered, try a flowy midi skirt paired with a blazer. It’s polished and professional and won’t leave you covered in sweat during your commute. 

I have a dedicated section in my closet to matching sets, and they’re getting plenty of play right now in the summer. This floral skirt set is practical for a backyard function or high tea with friends—simply change up the accessories to shift it more casual or more dressed up.

Another matching set to the rescue, this time in the form of what I like to call a “summer sweatsuit”, a lightweight knit shorts set. Coordinate it with these chic leather sandals and a tote to carry all of your receipts. 

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