I Tried This New $ 17 Product, And Completely Lost My Dark Spots

I Tried This New $ 17 Product, And Completely Lost My Dark Spots

Whichever way you refer to dark spots —discor, hyperpigmentation, or an uneven skin tone — you know how stubborn they are when it comes to trying to get rid of them. That ' s because discoloration can be caused by many different things, including genetics, sun exposure, hormonal changes, and acne (thus, identifying the culprit can feel impossible). You also need to consider that pigments form deep inside the skin, so the correction process is rarely quick or easy. All things considered, it is not surprising that many of us have dealt with varying degrees of discoloration over the years, only to see minimal improvement. That's the bad news.

Despite how I just accomplished it, the good news is it's possible that it's possible to get rid of dark spots (my no now post-breakout marks is proof of that). You just know which products to use. There came the Verse . The skin care brand has just launched a new dark spot-correction product that promises to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of discoloration through a combination of many safe for skin ingredients. Keep scrolling to find out all about it and read real, first person reviews.

Here it is – the Out of Sight Dark Spot Gel. This little green tube contains a combination of proven flavoring ingredients, including tranexamic acid, kojic acid, niacinamide, and licorice root extract. Let’s walk through each ingredient, find out more about how they affect the skin.

First, there is tranexamic acid . It is an antioxidant, which means it fights harmful free radicals. It is known for its ability to treat discoloration and slow pigment transfer, so it ' s not commonly used to treat melasma (a specific form of hyperpigmentation). It is an ingredient that is safe to use on all skin tones, fading dark spots without any side effects.

Next, there is kojic acid which is a dark spot -correcting substance derived from mushrooms. It offers antioxidant benefits, along with exfoliating benefits. It effectively blocks the production of melanin and brightens the appearance of the skin.

The third ingredient that stands out is niacinamide also known as vitamin B3. It is a do-it-all skincare ingredient that can address differences in skin tone (aka fade dark spots), soothe and heal by offering anti-inflammatory benefits, and strengthen the skin barrier. by encouraging the manufacture of ceramides. Read more about Marvel’s popular skincare, here .

Licorice root is the fourth and final star element found in this dark spot-fading gel. It is a natural lightening agent that also does its part to defend against environmental invaders.

How to use it: To take advantage of all these ingredients, the brand recommends applying a thin layer of gel to clean, dry skin both morning and night after cleaning. Let it sit for two to three minutes, and then apply your next skincare product. Be sure to use it only on dark spots or other areas of discoloration.

Although I have some freckles / sunspots left over from my irresponsible youth days when I can get into the summer sun without sunscreen (I still frown when I think about it), my post-breakout scores bugged me. I’ve had some success fading them off by using vitamin C serums and regular exfoliation, but they’re still there, and they still bother me. So, that’s what I decided to target with this product. I tried it for two weeks. Every night, after cleansing, I put a small dot of clear gel on each post-breakout mark on my skin. I’ll wait for the gel to dry a bit, and then I’ll follow up with my serum and moisturizer. Even though it’s only been two weeks, I can see an improvement in the look of each mark. They have faded to the point where my concealer has to work a little harder than usual to cover them up. I think the results will be better after a lot of time has passed, which is why I keep the handy green pipe in my bathroom vanity.

"I struggled with maskne last year and was sadly left with acne scars. It's a great addition to my morning skincare routine because it helps me continue to get rid of remaining dark spots. Plus, I want the product to be easy to travel as well. " – Kira West, Wellness Expert & Digital Creator

"This is probably the most effective area treatment I've used! I've experienced it dark on my cheek for the longest time and it won't go away, but when I started treating it with Out of Sight Dark Spot Treatment, it became lighter. it! Consistency is key of this product and with only a few nights of using It, I have seen great improvement in the area of ​​my excitement.It is quite mild for how strong it is against dark spots.It is very irritating I recommend it! " – Corinto Suarez, Lifestyle Blogger & Digital Creator

" I love finding effective products to help lighten my dark spots, the new Dark Spot treatment Gel contains kojic acid and tranexamic acid, ingredients that work together to inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase (the process of making melanin) thereby cleansing my skin, to make it appear brighter that skin. I started using this product on dark spots on my chest and I saw a huge improvement. " – April Basi, Skincare Chemist

" I have oily skin that is also prone to acne! In my stubborn hormonal breakouts my skin concerns are dark sports and hyperpigmentation. So when I ' re looking for a product to treat my skin the first thing I look for are ingredients that will help with my dark spots. When I first started using Out of Sight Dark Spot Gel- I was amazed at how much difference I saw in my dark spots fading. I use the product every night. I didn’t skip talent! Consistency always wins. The texture is like a serum and not sticky at all, and pairs well with other skincare products. I love that one of the key ingredients is niacinamide which protects the skin, treats acne, and improves skin texture. My skin loves niacinamide! I am so happy that I have added this product to my skincare lifestyle! " – Ivy Brockington, Digital Creator

" My biggest skin concern right now is actually dark spots from acne scarring so &#39 ; t I am so excited to see Versed launch the Out of Sight Dark Spot Treatment! I actually received it after I got a pimple so I started trying it right after the pimple went down. It is around three weeks of using the treatment daily and in the dark area where the pimple is almost completely gone. It has kojic and tranexamic acid, a gel-like texture, and is gentle on the skin! Definitely a new staple in my skincare routine! " – Taylor Ussher, Digital Creator

This serum contains a cocktail of ingredients that are resistant to pigmentation, including vitamin C, licorice root , and niacinamide. Along with the brightening benefits, it also stabilizes, hydrates, and strengthens your skin (and it's budget friendly, so what's not to love?).

This brightening toner is specifically formulated for people looking to address an uneven skin tone (specifically dark spots and post-acne marks) .It uses four different acids and bearberry extract to reappear and brighten the skin.

Sunscreen is paramount in protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. this to prevent the formation of new dark spots. I like this one, which boasts a vibrant, oil-free formula (so it doesn ' t leave an annoying white cast).

You don't have to worry about this vitamin C product turning brown or getting a pleasant smell. That is because it is quite stable. Mix it with a serum or moisturizer to brighten your skin.

This best -selling dermaplaning tool is my secret for smooth skin. It has an available handle and stainless steel blades that remove dead skin and facial hair. Read my full review.

This resurfacing mask contains AHAs, BHAs, and enzymes, all of which work together to boost cell migration and address hyperpigmentation. It must be an exfoliation.

Talking about exfoliation, this physical exfoliating cleanser uses microcrystals to polish dead skin and encourage a smooth, brighter, more even complexion.

Target dark circles with vitamin C, ginseng root extract, niacinamide, and coffee fruit extract.

After exfoliating, make sure your revitalized skin is plump and hydrated with moisturizer. This one has a jelly -like texture that absorbs quickly and won’t leave the skin slippery.

Next, read on 10 skincare ingredients that actually treat acne .

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