I Was Always Asked About 17 Fashion Special Phones, So I Made A List Of Them

I Was Always Asked About 17 Fashion Special Phones, So I Made A List Of Them

You know the pieces that seem to get you questions about every time you wear them? I noticed that these items were usually more leaning on cupboard staples than on my ultra-trendy pieces, which always surprised me. It also slightly annoys me when I am jazze about something new and instead people stop me to ask who is making the white T-shirt I am wearing it. I put it up to practicality because when someone is wearing a great wardrobe staple that you know you will be wearing over and over again, it is worth doing some research.

Since there are so many items I keep asking, I thought it might be worth sharing here so if you find yourself in the market for any of them you have a direct confirmation from me that it is worth buying. From the perfect white T-shirt to the most effortless wrap dress to cropped sweatshirt that fits right in your waist, below are the 18 best looking fashions in my wardrobe that are always asked me people.

This cropped sweatshirt Reformation gives me more compliments than I can count. Seriously, I wrote a whole story about it. There is something about the relaxed fit and where it presses on your waist makes it the most perfectly proportionately cropped sweatshirt. It & # 39; s also crazy, so I don & # 39; t live here (even initially COVID), so I don & # 39; t have it in two colors and can buy a third.

White cloth is the perfect balance of lightweight but not thin.

I can't say how often I wear this one.

I live in this Beyond Yoga workout set this past year because it is both comfortable and functional. The fabric is ultra-soft but touches you through a workout without ever feeling stretched (even post-yoga). I was particularly concerned about the length of the bike shorts and most were very short, but they were hit in the right place on my thigh to be extraordinary but also kept me covered by the descending dog. This is my dress for running trials and I was asked about this set almost every hour.

The top holds you without irritating, thanks to the soft stretch fabric.

See what I mean about where they hit the thigh?

The leggings are also great if you are not in bike shorts.

Staud & # 39; s Moon Bag is a great piece of statement that really works. I have other bags that look great but are very practical which I find I rarely use – either because my phone is too small to fit or because the strap does not fit over my shoulder. The Moon Bag fits perfectly under your arm and easily holds everything I need, and even if it isn & # 39; t close to the top the structured shape stays straight so I don & # 39; t worry about anything bubo. Shape is what draws people to ask about it, but functionality is the reason I came back about it.

The black snake snake I have is being sold out today, but this emerald-green croc is seriously stunning.

The whole element of these basics is the perfect example I mentioned earlier – they are not very trendy, but they are quality versions of every basic basis of people. like in their closet. The white tee is my favorite that I own (and I own a few) because it is fitted without being tight and opaque without being thin. These Agolde jeans are paired with a vintage style with a modern fit, which always inspires people to ask questions about them. And the leather tote is the best work bag I own (I wrote a whole story dedicated to it): It fits my laptop and everything I need while remaining smooth and dense.

The perfect white tee exists.

Did I mention this hit in the * perfect * place on your waist?

The more tired it gets, the better it looks.

I tell you, these are simple things. This $ 20 cropped cami hits the perfect place at your waist to pair with any high waist bottom, and simplicity allows you to wear it with anything. I have it in four colors (it comes in 18) and keep wearing it all. These Re / Finished jeans are one of the most comfortable I own, and like the Agoldes I described earlier, have a cool vintage feel.

Best $ 20 I ever spent.

These are my go-to jeans.

Everyone knows the value of a good LBD, but it took me a while to see mine. Then this Realization number followed, the clouds parted, and I just knew. This is the perfect length of mini and fabric that can be dressed up or down in a simple shoe exchange. I took it lightly to the chest to make sure it fits perfectly because I knew it would be the dress I would wear forever.

Straps are also adjustable so you can control the length and fit.

There is no arguing that comfortable sweaters are the best, but when you see one that legitimately feels like a teddy bear, people notice. This ultra-soft, matte Camila Coelho Collection sweater really makes headlines. I also love pairing it with my Dr. Martens, and even though they are iconic like shoes, people still double check the brand when I wear them.

I can't express this enough: This is the softest sweater I own.

Talk about the boots you will have forever.

The abalone shell in this Cinco ring is always in demand. It captures the light well and makes a statement without being too over-the-top.

The only statement ring I wear.

Get to know my favorite wrapper at all times. I own this Reformation style in two colors and wear it over and over again in the warmer months. The fabric is beyond comfortable and the detail of the wrap makes it ultra-flattering. Seriously, I got half of my friends to buy one too. And these Iro boots are a classic ankle-boot style that people have noticed. The leather is very soft and the heels of the block feel polished but comfortable.

One of my smartest purchases.

This is one of the boot shapes that will not be lost in style.

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