If Looking Trendy Is Your Goal, These 9 Brands Are for You

If Looking Trendy Is Your Goal, These 9 Brands Are for You

While today’s story will be especially fitting for those who aspire to have as trendy of a wardrobe as possible, it actually applies to most, if not all, of our readers because the below brands—while, in fact, trend-forward—are also versatile enough to appease anyone looking to dress in a manner that simply feels cool. I know, because I fall into the latter yet still am a fan of all of them. Now that that’s out of the way, let me prepare you for what you’re about to encounter. From H&M to & Other Stories, these nine labels range from ultra affordable to reasonably priced. You’ve likely heard of many, and some may be new to your wish list.

So whether you’re shopping for summer or have your sartorial sights set on a wardrobe full of timeless basics, they’re the ones you’ll want to bookmark whenever you want to shop for the latest trends without busting through your budget. Sounds pretty great, right? To see what made the cut and, of course, shop each of the brands for yourself, just keep scrolling.

For those looking for trendy-but-not-too-trendy finds, Astr the Label is about to become your new go-to.

I like that & Other Stories usually carries a handful of strong options for the most prominent trends rather than an overwhelming selection. 

Whether it’s on Instagram or in person, it’s hard not to be stopped in your tracks by whatever the latest Staud It item is. As such, it continues to be a fashion-set favorite for everything from party attire to accessories.

If you thought Urban Outfitters was just for teens, think again. Its trendy (and affordable) selection can work for anyone.

Aside from H&M’s regular offerings, did you know the brand has a whole section dedicated to its trendiest items?

Yes, I know Revolve isn’t technically a brand, but the retailer has too many amazing in-house labels for me to choose only one. Just a handful include LPA, Majorelle, Song of Style, Grlfrnd, and L’Academie.

This one speaks for itself, so feel free to just scroll down to shop a few of my favorite Topshop pieces right now.

For those who want to go just trendy enough to look forward but not so trendy that you’ll ever regret a purchase down the road, our Who What Wear Collection is definitely for you.

In addition to its amazing dresses, influencer- and editor-beloved Faithfull the Brand is a trove of trend-forward sets, separates, and swimwear.

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