I'm 23, and My Mom Is 60—We Both Went Viral on TikTok for Wearing These 4 Trends

I'm 23, and My Mom Is 60—We Both Went Viral on TikTok for Wearing These 4 Trends

When I see someone with great style on TikTok, I automatically hit follow. A great dose of inspiration is always much needed, and I’d like to remain on the fashion side of the algorithm where I belong. On one of my recent scrolls, I saw not one but two well-dressed women grace my page. The mother-daughter duo, Sasha and Therese Morpeth, have gone viral over and over again by wearing the same outfit. Sasha showcases her style, and her mother follows, showing that even the most risqué trends—sometimes as daring as low-rise—aren’t as unapproachable as many of us may think.

I had to get in touch with this fabulous duo off-camera so that I could get a better idea of what trends they actually both approve of. The results came in, and as a fashion editor, I can confirm that they are spot-on. If Sasha and her mom are wearing something, I’m right there with them. Below, find the four trends that they’ll both be wearing this summer and well into fall.

“We can’t forget the classic matching set. Whether it be a white top and skirt or a long silky shirt and matching pants, it always looks so effortless.” — Sasha

A matching set that I think everyone should own.

Now, this is fun.

I’m all over a striped separates moment.

Did someone say ballerinacore?

For the romantics.

Okay, I’m ready for summer.

“A trend we are loving right now is midi dresses. We love the versatility of them. (You can dress them up and down.)” — Therese

We love a bold moment.

The H&M dresses sell out fast, so get on it.

Forever a wardrobe staple.

I’m so into this for a beach day.

This is inspiring me to book a flight.


Just the right number of cutouts.

“Anything and everything low-rise is definitely my go-to at the moment—miniskirts, jeans, and even shorts.” — Sasha

A classic denim silhouette.

So here for this.

I have a big crush on these pants.

When you’re done with the aforementioned midi dress, try this skirt.

How good are these pants?

Chef’s kiss.

I would have so much fun styling this for a night out.

“Strapless dresses have become prominent in our closets lately.” — Sasha

Doesn’t this make you want to go to the beach?

Strapless everything.

I have this dress and can confirm it’s amazing.

I’d wear this all year round to every soirée I can get invited to.

The perfect neutral.

It’s the subtle texture for me.

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