I'm a Lingerie Model, and Here Are the 5 Best Trends I've Owned

I'm a Lingerie Model, and Here Are the 5 Best Trends I've Owned

Almost the entire world last year was hidden inside our homes, and while some of us may spend a little time embracing bra-free living (guilty as charged), others take the comfortable alternative as the next big thing. Sure there are moments that make sense skipping the bra, but I know I’m personally ready to full dive back into my top drawer. With the visible dusting of our fancy wardrobes, there is no reason why fancy lingerie should also not return in 2021.

Whether you are strictly against reaching the bra or without thinking twice, refreshing the lingerie may be what the doctor ordered. At least, it was for me. If you ask me, lingerie doesn’t have to be serious, and as someone who owns a lot of it, I think it can be a fun way to get into what’s trending. So check out some of my favorite lingerie trends below that I've been reaching for a long time, see how I wear them, and pick out my favorite picks for each one. [19659002]


Embroidery is not always the same as your grandmother's doily. In fact, it has moved into modern times with grace. Somehow the lingerie looks more glamorous and fun with a bit of embroidery, and it will definitely please your eye.

Mmm, cherries du jour, anyone?

I like how it doubles as a going a90. ]

You can also choose a thin one-piece instead of a set.

Does lingerie meet the 2021 halter trend? Count me.

Even a little embroidery is too far away.

Ruffles are not just for Jacobean ruffs. (That’s a 16th century collar, ICYWW). When mixed with a silky, slinky texture, they are the perfect addition to your lingerie set.

This delicious silky brown set in my photo is incredibly comfortable. When sleeping in silky lingerie, you inevitably feel like a queen. Shop for a matching Brown Frilled Thong ($ 125).

If you want your lingerie to be evenly spaced that is comfortable and beautiful, choose instead a wheeled piece. [09] ]

White, silk, and ruffles come together like three peas in one pod. is very beautiful and has seven fun colors.

Why not buy the trendy embroidery and the trendy ruffle in this Fleur du Mal number? [15] [590]

The best lingerie knows when to mix the skin in the right amount of mystery. That’s why I want a little thin panel in my lingerie. This is the perfect amount of profanity.

This lingerie piece is one of my favorites. It keeps you from giving enough (or maybe too much).

The standard bra fit is taken day-night with a thin paneling accent. . This piece provides extra spice.

Make the everyday mesh fit.

[19659906][0][0][4] -blowingly stunning.

Intimate power of push-ups But the reunion in the mix after a year of staying away from the underwire (especially with extra padding) is really a stretch. Trust me on this one — a push-up bra can rekindle your passion for lingerie, and I speak from experience.

The VS push-up bra is a staple in most women's closets, and with good reason. The height that a person can reach has never been achieved!

A suitable push-up bra is hard to come by, but luckily, the This intimissimi is comfortable and skillful. .

It gives me Old Hollywood glamor.
It gives me Old Hollywood glamor.

[194] va] It's not just the sound that cars make.

We like the scallop detail, and it just makes the products better. [19459006

Last but not least, one can always go above and beyond for his partner with full lingerie accouterment. The garter is an annoying hard part of the decked-out lingerie look but, unfortunately, cannot be painted aesthetically.

For Love & Lemons lingerie is lovely- love, and I like to wear brand pieces. with garters.

Black and smooth is always an option.
Black and smooth is always an option. The set has an almost summery feel to it.

I love the length of this Fleur du Mal set for those with bigger thighs , like me. [19] 590 19459006 .

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