It's Official: These Stylish Home and Fashion Pieces Are Our Must-Haves for Fall

It's Official: These Stylish Home and Fashion Pieces Are Our Must-Haves for Fall

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become equally invested in fashion and home décor. These days, discovering a chic new pair of leather boots excites me just as much as buying a new dining chair or an espresso machine for my kitchen. (It was bound to happen eventually.) And this fall, I’m looking for a little refresh in both departments. While I may be a pro in the fashion space, I’m still developing my interior-design aesthetic, so I regularly look to those who are more established in the décor game. Enter: Kathryn Zahorak, a Los Angeles–based content creator, actress, and writer who’s known on Instagram for her effortlessly cool style and dreamy aesthetic. Just peep her Instagram, and you’ll find style and interior-design inspiration galore (whether it’s in her own home or places she’s visited). So naturally, I wanted to get the lowdown on where she’s shopping for new pieces this season. And it turns out she’s snagged more than a few good buys from Walmart. Keep scrolling to see her finds, including knee-high boots, cozy knits, cane dining chairs, and more.

“When I’m in L.A., my fall style needs to be versatile to suit the warmer weather. So a knit tank is the perfect transitional piece.” — Zahorak

“These are classic chairs for entertaining. I’m hoping my next apartment can have an art-deco dining nook.” — Kathryn Zahorak, content creator

“I tend to be an outfit repeater during the colder months, and I love this classic knit skirt that you can style many ways.” — Zahorak

“When I want to warm up during the fall, I love a dutch oven to make homemade soups and sauces in.” — Zahorak

“I love the color olive for fall. It feels like a neutral color to style.” — Zahorak

“This tiny bowl is a charming detail in my kitchen for spices like oregano or chili flakes.” — Zahorak

“A staple in my closet will always be an oversize oxford. Hints of prep come out in my style during the fall.” — Zahorak

“A quality knife set is essential for my nightly dinners. During the fall, I eat hearty vegetables like kale, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.” — Zahorak

“I will be headed to NYC many times this fall, and I know these boots are made to walk around the city.” — Zahorak

“Color-blocking is one of my favorite ways to make a look more polished.” — Zahorak

“I’ve always envisioned living in an Old Hollywood apartment with this vintage-inspired mixer.” — Zahorak 

“My morning espresso is essential to my routine. I love having my coffee while I journal and plan my day.” — Zahorak

“Like most fashion people on the internet, I’m obsessed with loafers. They fit in with both my East and West Coast styles.” — Zahorak

“I love a statement chair in a living space. It makes for a beautiful spot to read or find inspiration.” — Zahorak


A perfect accent pillow for a neutral couch.

The rattan on this is *chef’s kiss.*

The pattern gives the rug an extra-cool touch without being too much.

Arch mirrors only, please. 

Don’t have a green thumb? Here’s your answer.

A classic. 

It’s giving fall.

Wear this under blazers and bomber jackets come fall.

Shout out to the clog trend. 

Preppy style is blowing up in the fashion world. Here’s an easy way to join in.

The perfect mini bag to go with every fall look. (It also comes in cow print.)

Obsessing over this pattern.

Western booties are not going out of style anytime soon. 

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