J-Beauty Has Some of the Best Skincare of All Time — Here Are My Favorite Brands

J-Beauty Has Some of the Best Skincare of All Time — Here Are My Favorite Brands

It's no secret that Japan has some of the best skincare in the game. Of course, Japan is home to heavy-hitters like Shiseido and Tatcha but there are also many lesser-known Japanese skincare brands that deserve your attention. Japanese skincare brands are constantly evolving. In fact, you’ll wonder how many of the brands on this list have proprietary ingredients or formulas that make them unique.

If you want to upgrade your skincare routine, these brands can help take you to the next level. There’s something here for everyone— essence is perfect for us doing our skincare routine as an evening ritual and sheet mask doing all the work for anyone who wants to keep their routine minimal. Keep scrolling for some of our favorite J-Beauty skincare brands and products — the mirror skin of your dreams is approaching.

Shiseido has been a Tokyo mainstay since 1872 when it started as the first Western-style pharmacy in Japan. In fact, in 1888, Shiseido launched Japan’s first toothpaste (before that, there was only harmful tooth powder). Since then, the brand has not stopped innovating, helping to popularize a multi-step skincare routine and manufacture high-quality skincare products that deliver key results.

Curél actually started in the United States in 1984, but Kao Corporation in Japan acquired Curél Skincare from Bausch & Lomb in 1999. From there, Curél began making products specifically targeting dry, sensitive skin using Kao’s proprietary ceramide technology, or the Advanced Ceramide Complex. Curél has been the leading brand for dry, sensitive skin in Japan for 14 years, and now, you can buy the Japanese line at Ulta to try it out for yourself. This line of products transforms even the most flakiest, more irritable skin into the dewy, hydrated skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Tatcha is where Japanese botanists meet clinical research. Each Tatcha product is based on its building block Hadasei-3 complex, which combines twice-fermented rice, green tea, and algae and is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and AHAs. Every Tatcha product is like a little indulgence — and that’s exactly the point.

DHC subscribed to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which means there is beauty in imperfection. The company is dedicated to making products that help you feel beautiful on the skin you have. DHC cleaning oil is one of the best we’ve tested, and you can’t beat its price.

SK-II products were developed using its "miracle ingredient" Pitera, which SK-II scientists stumbled upon after seeing the appearance of young sake brewers. From there, Pitera, a fermented liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals became the foundation of SK-II products. They may have hefty price tags, but once you try the products and see what they do for your skin, you will never go back.

Built on the Japanese Kirei philosophy, Kao's MyKirei focuses on sustainability, balance, simplicity, order and well -being. Each product is refillable and made using environmentally friendly ingredients.

Bioré has always focused on pores and how it is tied to overall skin health. While Bioré has many products available in the United States, its products are exclusively Japanese that we can ' t help but crave — including one of the best sunscreens we ' ve used and a well -value jelly cleanser. replace your makeup remover.

Consider Sekkisei the authority on glass skin. All of its products work to darken and moisturize the skin using herbal ingredients, making it glow and glowing.

If you have difficulty with dry skin, Hada Labo is the brand for you. Each product is formulated with hyaluronic acid which is meant to be layered to help you achieve hydrated, soft skin.

Saborino seems to have made you the cheat sheet of the smartest kid in the class. Based on the word saboru, which means skipping school, this skincare brand is all about delivering the most benefits in the easiest way possible — sheet masks! Pop one of these masks in the morning or evening, leave on for a minute, and skip the seven-step skin care routine (but reap the same benefits).

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