Made-to-Order Lounge Sets Are Coming Soon In The Fashion World

Made-to-Order Lounge Sets Are Coming Soon In The Fashion World

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For established fashion, the pandemic introduced a blessing of new styles and priorities, among which was the deliberate purchase and acceptance – no, the encouragement – of sleep. With the increase in casual shopping, we find ourselves buying directly from small businesses, even if it means shopping on social media or clothing resale apps like Depop and especially if it means buying fixed pieces in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. So you can & # 39; t say Golden Girly the branded custom of loungewear sets by Brooklynn McCray is the quintessential pandemic fashion company, except for the fact that McCray started the Golden Girly returns in 2019. Does he know he can perfectly meet the needs of the market in a few months? Of course not. (Remember how happy most of us were unaware of the 2019 pandemics?) But McCray has hands full, filling orders for sweat sets in neutral colors, beautiful pastels, and brokers that hinder color. It is wonderful to see the fruits of a girl's dreams come true right when we need more fun stories than ever before.

McCray was only 21 years old when he started the Golden Girly, responding to a desire to design his own clothes despite not being taught how to build clothes professionally. With a plethora of how to offer videos on YouTube, McCray has completely taught himself how to make loungewear sets that are already making waves in the fashion world. In October, right from the moment we needed the refreshing inspiration on loungewear, none other than Gabrielle Union posted a video in which coyly sips from a glass of white wine, throwing her head , and the most flashes dazzling smile, perfectly glowing in a green golden Girly bra and shorts set. Orders were taken, Complex noticed, and McCray has been running on high gear ever since. I suspect his Depop platform will soon be large. Keep reading for my interview with McCray and place an order for the exact silence your heart desires set because, after all, that’s the point.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Brooklynn McCray. I am 23 years old and was born and raised in Ohio. My business, Golden Girly, started with Depop, a clothing resale app, in 2019. After many trials and tribulations in finding a niche for my Depop shop, I finally got to loungewear. It eventually grew on me creating my own loungewear designs. To add my own creative touch, I began to offer the option to allow my customers to choose their own colors and pieces to create their own lounge, which was fortunately loved by my followers. !

And if you need to build your business in five words or less?

Desire luxury.

How did you become interested in designing clothes? Do you have formal training or are you fully self-taught?

I have always been intrigued by the fashion world, and I have always been a part of my life in some way. I have a modeling background, and I went to school for fashion merchandising, but I have not enjoyed the design part of fashion until now. Everything I do now is fully self-taught by watching many YouTube videos and through trial and error through experimentation.

What inspired you to start the Gold Girly?

I love having full control of my daily life and future, so & # 39; t being an entrepreneur is perfect for me. I found Depop through my boyfriend, and he convinced me to open my own store. From there, it grew into what it is today.

It looks like you launched your business before the pandemic hit. How has the distance business and home stay business affected your business? Does it force you to change your expectations and processes?

The pandemic had a huge impact on my business as it was the perfect time for loungewear to thrive. I already sold my custom room sets before it started, so fortunately the actual process did not change. Although due to increasing orders, I had to learn to keep up with the growth of my business, which can sometimes be challenging.

[19659011] What have you been proud of since the launch of the Golden Girly?

It was really fun to see actress Gabrielle Union wearing one of my sets and posting a video on Instagram.

Has there been a moment when you noticed your brand removed? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of orders you receive, and if so, how do you manage that?

There have been several times when I have seen a huge sales boost. One of these is in the BLM movement. There is a lot of support for Black-owned businesses, large and small. Another being by YouTuber Macy Eleni, who gave a shout out to my store after buying a set.

I really felt overwhelmed, but I did and I still have the support of my mother, Danielle McCray, who will come home from work and help me complete and send orders, which will help a lot. She is a full-time member of the Golden Girly and still helps me manage my business to this day.

How do you see customizable clothing that fits the future of fashion?

I provide a new and fun way to shop by allowing my customers to actually design their clothing. It is also useful for those who are usually too short or too tall for most clothing, as each item is customized to their specific sizes. Eventually I want to expand to the depths where my silence can be customized by and for the consumer to make their shopping experience better.

We would like to give Spotlight a little love for other brands. What are two to three of your favorite brands you want to support and why?

One of my favorite brands is Skin Buttr a skincare brand owned by Black women with the most fragrant body scrubs I like.

Another brand is Brandon Blackwood New York . I haven’t bought one of his bags yet, but I love every single one, and it’s definitely in my shopping cart.

"A comfortable one-strap bra at the top. Featuring a tight elastic. waist. Made from 100% French terry cotton. Custom color. "

"A comfortable two-strap bra with a U-shaped neckline. Featuring a tight elastic waistband and made from 100% French terry cotton. Customizable colors."

"A comfortable two -strap bra top with a V-shaped neckline. Features a tight elastic waist and is made from 100% French terry cotton. Customizable by color. "

" Equipped and smooth against skin. 100% French terry cotton mini shorts. Customizable colors. "

" Very comfortable and quite bulky. Classic Sweatpants are a must-have for your lounge collection. Made from 100% French terry cotton. Customizable color and fit. "

" The oversize pullo The ver hoodie features a large pocket on the front and has a fixed hood. 100% French terry cotton. Customizable by color. "[19659033] A bra and shorts set to pass dyang bra-strap style and color options.

A bra and sweatpants set with custom bra-strap style and color options.

A customizable set that includes a bra, mini shorts, sweatpants, and hoodie.

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