Meet Michelle Phan: One of the First Multi-Hyphenates of the Beauty Industry

Meet Michelle Phan: One of the First Multi-Hyphenates of the Beauty Industry

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Michelle Phan is an absolute beauty powerhouse . While we now scroll through TikTok or Instagram and instantly have access to thousands of beauty how-tos, tips, and tricks, there was a time when there were no online beauty tutorials. Enter Phan, a digital pioneer you likely recognize as the original beauty blogger and, dare we say, the creator of one of first YouTube makeup tutorials of all time. In the last decade, he has gained a global community of more than 10 million followers, more than a billion views, and more than 350 videos. She was at the forefront of digital influencing and helped pave the way for an entire generation of beauty creators to come.

In 2011, Phan partnered with Ipsy a monthly subscription service that became the largest beauty community in the world where insider beauty content and samples were shared. Then, in 2016, he took a much-needed and deserved digital detox, which overshadowed all of his platforms — and when he came back a year later, it was purpose-driven. Phan spent the year redesigning and re-launching her beauty line, EM Cosmetics, which she originally launched alongside L ' Oréal in 2013. The re-launch symbolizes her freedom as an owner with complete control over create to bring the brand into a modern world of beauty and inspire consumers to create and rethink beauty.

Recently, Phan has begun educating his loyal community of followers on another but highly current industry as a whole: cryptocurrency. Through his learnings in the deteriorating crypto industry, he drew similarities between the decentralization of power and the decentralization of content that launched his YouTube career. In fact, Phan invested in Lolli, an e-commerce app that gives consumers Bitcoin rewards for online purchases. He is currently focused on using blockchain technologies to create newer and better infrastructures. Listen to the latest episode of Second Life to hear how Phan continues to change his career to empower the next generation of online users and creators, and continues to scroll to shop some of EM Cosmetics ' best seller.


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