Meet Tori Bell: The Founder of the Black Woman on Facebook and Incorporated Unpacked Integration

Meet Tori Bell: The Founder of the Black Woman on Facebook and Incorporated Unpacked Integration

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As the last Eleven months have passed – which makes official history a federal holiday – we are all reminded as allies and advocates that much more needs to be done. One leader in the anti-racism movement was the radical Tori Bell . Bell began her community-centered diversity work by creating the global Black Women employee resource group on Facebook, which now has more than 2,500 members and allies who support those who identify as Black women within major tech companies. Black Women on Facebook eventually led Bell to develop her own brilliant newsletter, Inclusion Unpacked which provides the tools to start an ally journey, seamlessly providing weekly variation, equality, and resources of inclusion. Bell fills a void by combining community and education, reaching people wherever they are on their ally journey and, on the other hand, making a huge impact on the anti-racism movement.

Bell believed that education was an important pillar in being an ally. As such, he consulted with new founders and their teams – such as beloved brands Girlboss and Starface – and launched a Social Media Allyship Program on July 13, outlining how to be an ally in three interrelated steps. Bell has been an influential leader of voice and industry thinking, inspiring us all to take action and commit to real change.

But before Bell could lead a significant movement, he actually began his career at SunTrust Investment Bank, helping with initiative, equality, and inclusion initiatives. He then moved to work with startup Jopwell before joining the Facebook team in 2017, where he was hired as an internship recruer. Sort through the latest installment of Second Life to hear how Bell forged his own career path in finding a job that is both inspiring and deeply purposeful.

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