Mika Schneider Is Already Back on the Cover of Vogue Japan for May 2022

Mika Schneider Is Already Back on the Cover of Vogue Japan for May 2022

Magazines certainly favor certain models. Whether it’s Anna Wintour welcoming back an old fave to the cover of American Vogue or Edward Enninful giving a British Vogue cover to his BFF, it’s a regular occurrence. Not even six months into her tenure, Tiffany Godoy is already playing favorites. Mika Schneider pops up on the cover of Vogue Japan for May 2022 a mere three months after her last appearance. Wrapped up in a look from Prada’s Spring 2022 collection selected by stylist Sissy Vian, the current face of Moschino poses for photographer Nathaniel Goldberg.


Ultimately, the cover divided our forum members. “This is beautiful! Very early Vogue Nippon. Undoubtedly my favorite cover since the change…” admitted aracic.

“Really good styling, I actually like that Prada dress here and I hated it on the runway. I think this is a nice image of Mika and a very deserved repeat cover for the most relevant model of Japanese descent in quite a while,” noted YohjiAddict.

“Simple but effective,” voiced WAVES. “Mika’s facial expression is just on point. Nice color combination, too.”

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“I can’t stop staring at this cover! She looks so self-assured and natural. It’s like the photographer took a candid shot on the street versus a studio shot… It’s so unusual and refreshing,” appreciated iriswills.

Although not everyone is a fan. “That Prada outfit and the lighting make her look like she’s in a mental institution wearing a straitjacket,” Br3ncon1 pointed out.

“I like Mika’s unruly hair and natural makeup. But hate what she is wearing,” added oaklee91.

“I love the styling, but I wish the angle was more focused on being straight on to camera. Maybe zoomed in a bit more? Because something about the image lacks just a bit of that austere symmetry, which would make the industrial vibe more impactful,” shared Ken Doll Jenner.

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