My 73-Year-Old Mom Is Obsessed With Beauty-Here's Everything She Taught Me

My 73-Year-Old Mom Is Obsessed With Beauty-Here's Everything She Taught Me

Asking someone if they are a skincare or makeup person is like asking if they are a cake or pie person. They’re both so different I can’t imagine having a feeling they want to pick one over the other. But still, I am a… total skincare gal. Don't get me wrong. I also love makeup, but sometimes I feel like there are so many directions you can look, and sometimes it’s overwhelming to know what to do. But in skincare, it’s more of a technique. There are a few steps to follow and staple products that you know you really should use for specific results – like Lancôme ' s Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105), if which, BTW, will give you a stronger skin barrier in one drop and healthy, radiant skin in just seven days.

But there's more to it. I think everyone is comfortable with things that were taught to them at a young age or taken over the years. Whether watching their mother applying a full face makeup or their sister doing her hair, most people have someone they are looking for for beauty advice. “I’m sure my mom is the reason I’m a beauty editor,” said Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor of Who What Wear. "Growing up, I enjoyed her routines and rituals, and even to this day, her playful spirit when it comes to experimenting with skincare and makeup keeps me inspired." Since I was the nosy editor, I asked Jahns if he would like to share some of the best beauty lessons he learned from his mother, you know, so that we can all benefit as well. He agreed, probably because he knew I wouldn’t get an answer. Keep scrolling to read how much her mother played in everything from her career to her own rituals.

"My mom is one of those lucky people who naturally has the most amazing, non-aging skin. Always I joked that he had better skin than me despite being 45 years old, but I say this with all seriousness! His skin is plump, even, and glowy, and I am certified envious. , my mom always maintains a very good approach to skin and sun care (she has fair skin, so SPF isn ' t the name of the game), and she is careful about how to diet and exercise. exercise is also playing into the look of her skin. ' She certainly adopted her love and passion for high-quality, effective skincare.We both want to stick to more basic cleansers and moisturizers, but we love to splurge on exfo liator of cell-sloughing and green serums that keep our skin looking bright, hydrated, and youthful. My latest craze is Lancôme ' s Advanced Génifique Face Serum ($ 105). I don’t want to feel like I have to use more than one or two serums in my routine, and I love this one because it really does it all. It turned rough, dry skin into a silky dream, and I swear my skin became softer and brighter in my first week of using it. No small deed! From there, the results got better and better, and it was also hidden in my breakouts. I blame the Bifidus prebiotic’s strategic digestion — which provides a healthy environment for the good bacteria in your skin to thrive — along with an adequate dose of hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for antioxidants, and ceramides for a plump, dewy texture. My mom and I both love skin that looks glassy and bouncy, and this serum helps me achieve that. I knew my mom would love it! "

" I remember what my mother told me years ago the amount of facial contrast we had was directly attributed to how attractive we were to others. (It’s one of those weird evolutionary things.) Of course, as I get older, I’ve learned not to worry about what other people think, but that little factoid continues to influence how I approach makeup. . I love to complement my fair skin with a lush lipstick, which defines my light-blue eyes with a quick jet-black liner is indescribable, and I have come to love how my dark contrast eyebrows on my skin and platinum-blonde hair. I also have a deep appreciation for how I could be dazzled by a bright blush even though I logged about three hours of sleep the night before. Mom is really involved! "

" Like this many other man in my ' 90s-baby age bracket, I picked up and made what was out of my eyebrows when I was in high school and college. I naturally inherited my dad instead of just worms (RIP) to destroy them with a pair of tweezers. Big sigh. Fortunately, my browsers are far from the renaissance department, and while they may not reach their full, original potential, they no longer look like three-hair-wide commas. My mom and I are both big advocates of eyebrow serums, and she also taught me how to fill my browsers like a pro (and find the right color complement) without completely overdoing it. ' Our eyebrows are very important when it comes to framing, lifting, and defining our eyes, ' he told me. ' So I always thought filling in our eyebrows was key to a classic and beautiful look. ' "

" I guess I'm really hitting every moment of the beauty of the beauty of my youth, is it not? While my mom was kind enough not to say anything at the time, years later, I knew my stage of ultra-caked, ultra-bronzed skin in high school and college was her worst nightmare. Not only did I add way too much of my dark foundation, but then I continued to top it up with bronzer coats. Eep. Eventually, I took a hint from my mother and began to understand that at night my skin tone was more important than covering it up. You can’t catch my mom wearing makeup that looks cakey. Her vibe is always natural and bright, and she really favors tint moisturizers, lightweight foundations, and maybe even a touch of concealer when it comes to combating any discoloration, redness, or hyperpigmentation. Plus, once again, how you prepare your skin first is paramount, and we both like mixing our foundation with a little moisturizer or even a serum (I do this with my Lancôme Advanced Génefique Face Serum $ 105) to give our skin the most nauseating, natural-looking finish. ' Your skin should look like real skin, ' Mother's end. "

" I used to be tough about what to want I do and will not try in terms of skincare and makeup products, but once my mom started to have a cooler vibe of beauty than me (true story), I had an epiphany. My mom would wear almost any color in the sun when it comes to makeup, but she knows how to choose the right shade of such color to flatter her coloring and undertones. And as I got older, I intensified that. Now, I’m going to try a purple tiny eye shadow and no vision, and I truly thank my mom for that!

"' Over the past eight years, I have been fortunate to have employed hundreds of older women through my work for a cosmetic company, makeup classes I personally taught, individual consultants, presentation, and, now, comments I hear from women on my YouTube channel, ' my mother explained. ' And one thing that made my heart clear was that many of us are very clear is starting to feel like we are too old to wear makeup or that we should just wear neutral colors and avoid color.So I ' ve tried in my videos to show makeup techniques and type of products that work for us today. And it’s the great comments from so many beautiful women that really keep me going! One woman said, “I haven’t seen you in almost 15 years. Thank you, I will never be invisible again! “Another woman said recently,“ It’s a great deal to have visible eyes again. “And one of my favorite comments is,‘ Aging shouldn’t mean we just give up. "I don ' t get along yet. '"

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