New Rising Star of London in Her Unconventional Approach to Beauty

New Rising Star of London in Her Unconventional Approach to Beauty

Hello to Unfiltered a fresh, new beauty series where you get an exclusive glimpse into the dressed up beauty routines of our favorite celebrities. They’ll reveal their beauty pleasure skills offender, the five -minute work product lineup they can’t live without, a great skin tip that they’ll be grateful for forever and more. To bring the full circle of conversation, we ask each celebrity to send us a selection of self-shot, unfiltered photos of their choice to capture the essence of their Unfiltered beauty philosophy.

Next tribute, we meet actress Emily Beecham who lights up our TV and cinema screens this year with roles in the drama season stage The Pursuit of Love and Disney ' s Cruella . Ahead, we chat on skincare, favorite products and embrace unconventional beauty. Fun!

If you only had five minutes to leave the house, what products would you use?

I have always wash my face. Right now, I use an En environment face wash . Then I will use some hyaluronic acid which is good for hydration and keeps water on your face. Right now, I’m using a Green People Hyaluronic Serum ($ 32). This one is vegan and nothing cruel I like. And then my makeup artist friend Justine Jenkins who I work a lot with and who use a lot of vegan products, gave me this Organic Facial Oil ($ 48) of a company called By Sarah that was really brilliant.

Are natural and organic important factors for you when choosing products to use?

Sometimes, but I mix it up, really. My skin is a mix of very sensitive and dry and easy to see, so it didn ' t take me long to find things that work. So I use facial oil and then I put factor 50 sunscreen on my face. Especially at this moment when I was working in Berlin and it was 36 degrees here. I use a Dermalogica sunscreen for my face and a Jason mineral for my body. Although I love a hat, too! [Laughs] I'm a big gal gal- means you're super protected from the sun.

And how about makeup? Are you someone who wears it every day?

It depends on what I do. I certainly take a lot of makeup days off, but when I wear it I’ll put on a little light foundation and thicken my eyebrows a bit because I overdosed my loads when I was younger [laughs]. There’s a brand called Cosmetics à la Carte that I saw a few years ago and that really saved my bacon because shortly after, after a particularly strenuous job, I became allergic to nickel, which was in many makeup products. They are a family run business and they can customize your makeup. So I use their eyebrow cream ($ 56) and I use their makeup when I’m set every day-I just like their products.

I always like a little something on my lips, either how much I shade them or if I go out and I want to have fun, then I like darker, ragged, more gothic kind of colors . I love Chanel Rouge Noir ($ 45) or Laura Mercier ' s glossy lipstick in an attractive color that is very thin, but it gets a somewhat more gothy, boho kind of look. Since I have crimson hair and I’m so pale, I don’t want to look girly anymore-I want to suppress it a bit and wear colors that are a bit darker, more noticeable and I guess feminine. I like to play around with no eye makeup also, which can be a little weird look, you know? No eye makeup but a firm lip.

When I was younger, I always felt like I had to be kind of gel and fit, and especially as an artist, I thought I wasn’t that good looking. I can't be pale and red [headed] to work. I need to mix [in] a bit better. And now that’s just not true. I love it when I see all kinds of people accepting only what they have naturally. … I found that really inspiring. I also think that the beauty industry— finally —because of what women have pushed for, is starting to adapt and cater [more] to everyone's unique look. I think that's really important. I definitely felt in my teens and early 20s that I couldn’t find a foundation that matched my pale skin. I wore fake brown instead, so it ' s nice that we can all appreciate our uniqueness today.

In terms of using beauty as a tool to relax and unwind, what do your evening rituals look like? And, most importantly, are you someone in the bath or shower?

Depends really. I think I'm the same! I use Epsom salts and many Jason products, like Coconut Body Wash ($ 14), Or if I’m feeling a bit pizzazy [laughs] then Chanel has given me some that makes you smell really great. For my skin, at night, a few years ago I started using retinol which has been great for my skin. Because I’m spot-prone on my chin anyway and I have to put on makeup on set every day, I get a lot of pimples, but retinol really changes that. It changes the skin and irritates it over time, but you need to make sure you use SPF during the day because it makes it super light sensitive. So I use Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum ($ 85) which is really very good, even though I also used a cheaper alternative from The Ordinary. I left that on for about 20 minutes to soak it properly, and then I used a vitamin C night moisturizer from Murad, though I would say I change it regularly, and then an eye cream. My friend runs a company called Malvina, and I use her Rejuvenating Eye Cream which I like.

Oh, and a amazing discovery I made where a lot of actors use the little pimple. plasters. I’m using a brand called Dots for Spots right now. You just keep the little plaster visible in your area, and then in the morning, it will be completely flat. It's gone and it's magic! They became a complete gamechanger for me and the makeup artist loved them too. He keeps buying more while we're filming because they cost too much money to edit your spots if you get one, but the actors get breakouts all at mid-shoot time.

How did your home self-care skills change during the pandemic?

They've already seen. Sometimes I’ll have green juices like now [laughs] and I have a lot to do with yoga, which I really benefit from because it cools me down and keeps me strong, and eats lots of vegetables. Then on other days, I would swing and eat junk food. But generally I try to keep things balanced and I eat a lot of healthy fats. A nutritionist recommended that to me when I was taking a martial arts series where my body was under a lot of pressure — and that was actually the time when my skin really became sensitive and my entire immune system was pretty lost. It’s back to normal, which is good, but it’s a real learning experience. Now I take probiotics every morning. Sometimes I take a shot of Symprove even though it’s a bit expensive, or other times I’ll just have kimchi (which I like because it’s so delicious) or some kefir. And I always try to get enough sleep, which is really important. I feel when I keep my body cool and rested and when I don’t make my blood sugar bounce all over the place with sweeties, then my skin is usually calmer, so maybe there’s a correlation between [laughs].

Of course, we have to talk about The Pursuit of Love because it was a huge hit. Congratulations! How did you prepare for the role of Fanny and were you a fan of the Nancy Mitford novel before?

I already know Nancy Mitford. I’m a fan of his work, but honestly it was so long ago that I had to read it again. Emily’s adaptation [Mortimer] is so funny and she picks all the best pieces. It’s a gift having Emily direct because she herself is an actress and she understands the process and she understands the challenges and she’s very immersive. We spent so much time together talking about the women and staff and she really pulled the page. He gave the women more depth and more complexity in their friendship, and he, Lily, and I spent a lot of time together. We had to zoom in because when the pandemic started, so we spent a lot of time Zooming along and talking on the phone about who these women were, all the excitement of growing up, the complexity of life and trouble. love, and trying to discover who you are and what you want to do and where you want to go, the search for identity and love, and the urge of friendship.

Yeah, there's a lot of chatting [laughs] where Emily is really, really good. She really has personality and is honest and makes the job really easy. We spent a lot of time doing sitting outside in the lockdown because the weather was great, just sitting among the plants and flowers. I was in Hackney and the traffic just stopped [during lockdown] and you could hear all the birds and animals and bees and suddenly it was like some suburban village.

Did you get any fashion or beauty inspiration from the show?

So, Fanny and Linda wore a lot of scarves around the neck, and I definitely got a little scarf around the neck to wear [laughs]. In terms of makeup, in the ' 30s, they wanted a really strong lip, which I like [too]. I found out that when I started working with professional makeup artists I noticed how much and how much they put on makeup compared to what I always did when I was younger-I just kind of trowel sa! They just applied it so lightly that you can still see your own freckles and skin texture underneath, so I learned from there to just cool down a bit with my application. I definitely took that.

How about hair? Are there some products you would like to use?

I want a salt spray or something that can make it a bit a bit worse texture, but I also had red in my hair that enhanced the color for the work I'm currently on so I'm using some products from Davines. It’s a very good brand, I really like them, and they gave me great copper shampoo ($ 30) and conditioner ($ 33). Also, they use a plastic tube and it decomposes, which is brilliant because there are so many wrappers that come with cosmetic products.

As a natural redhead, how do you feel about things like the trendy brass hair today?

I always thought of being a teenager and growing up when red hair was the complete opposite of being stylish. You’ll be offended by having red hair, no one wants red hair and then suddenly there’s Christina Hendricks and I have so a lot of women asked me what color I dyed my hair. It’s fun to see and I think it just affirmed that you should be confident in yourself and what’s natural in you. Don't listen to haters, you know? When you see a woman with self -confidence, you see the beauty there and you see the beauty in that confidence and freedom that that person has in their appearance and who they are.

Are there other women whose beauty looks or personal style particularly inspire you?

I think Tilda Swinton is really impressive. He’s really blazing a path for artists by doing something different and not following the crowd. … Pushing on something a bit weird or considered a bit weird. And I just love my fellow artists right now. I love Jessie Buckley. She just wears what she wants and is really liberating. You can really express yourself in any way you really want.

Finally, what is your unfiltered philosophy of beauty in seven words or less?

I wrote this [laughs]: Wear what you have naturally, strong and proud.

Pursuit of Love is streaming on BBC iPlayer now.

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