No More Guess – Here's Every Item in Fashion and Beauty We're Returning for Spring

No More Guess – Here's Every Item in Fashion and Beauty We're Returning for Spring

Welcome to On the Hunt, a series in which we reveal our latest affordable Walmart searches. From wardap staples and stylish accessories to the best in home decor and beauty, expect to find exceptional items at even more impressive prices.

Ah, spring! The season holds so much promise and possibilities. Like, the promise that summer (supposedly higher season) is near, and the possibility to say "iced, please!" when a barista asks how you like your latte. Basically, we couldn’t help but be in good shape since March 20, the first official day of spring, on.

In the warmer weather hanging in front of us for the first time in months, we gather all the best items in fashion and beauty to go along with our new happy thoughts. We ended up scrolling a lot on the internet with the help of some of our most stylish friends Sheryl Luke and Kristina Zias and came up with a list of 14 essentials. The supposed to happen will happen to start at just $ 9 thanks to Walmart so there ' t no budgets to be wasted on shopping this story.

Like many of us, Luke is long -awaited on "longer days and hanging out with drinks." (An Aperol spritz or cold cook for us.) Even in always sunny Los Angeles, where he and Zias both live, spring promises more time to spend outside, no coat required.

However, a lightweight jacket is, in fact, often necessary, so Luke ' t opted for the massive utility option this. “It’s a great lightweight shirt-jacket that I think everyone wants to have in their closets because it can be styled in so many ways-like in jeans or even a dress,” he explains. The luxe military green that meets the sage’s color doesn’t hurt either, but the jacket comes in two other colors for all those wondering in the mind there.

Luke ' s other These spring fashion essentials include straight-leg denim (perfectly cropped for her small frame), a statement bag (the chain on this one is very trendy), and an everyday T-shirt (preferably with cuffed sleeves).

[1945909011] [1945909011] ]

Not surprisingly, Luke's beauty choices align well with his low-key fashion vibe. To achieve her glowy, peachy look she wears almost nude lipstick, uses a gel to sharpen her eyes, and adds some color to her cheeks: “The Physical Formula palette is the MVP here,” she says. niya. "I love that there's a highlighter, blush, and bronzer in the same palette."


Zias is on the same page as Luke, adding stylish-but-practical essentials to his spring wardrobe. “The pandemic made me appreciate it more than ever,” he explains. "But it also realizes how much better I feel when I get dressed. I've made an effort to dress and makeup almost every day over the past year, and it has changed my mood and productivity." BRB, take notes!

Her spring wardrobe consists of lots of lightweight, airy clothing, comfortable but cute sneakers, and, like Luke, statement bags. This LBD should be at the top of everyone’s list right now because the T-shirt material makes it more comfortable and easy to style. Zias wore him either at the grocery store or a weekend in Palm Springs, so if it hadn’t proven its usability we don’t know what would have happened.

Keep simple accessories like the Zias with a net bag and some chunky platform sneakers – perhaps this perfect pair from Italian brand Superga?

[1945903311] [1945903311] ]

As for The spring vibe of Zias' beauty, it's all about boosting her natural look. “Dry shampoo is necessary because I have a newborn and only wash my hair once or twice a week,” she says. Talking about relatable. As for makeup, she is fond of shiny lips and warm neutral tones now. Her pro tips are very good: "Brown, peach, and light purple shadows always make my hazel eyes greener. I used the darkest shade in the palette around my top and bottom lashes. to pop my eyes. "

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