Our Editor in Chief Tried The Summer Jewelry Trend, and I Was Obsessed

Our Editor in Chief Tried The Summer Jewelry Trend, and I Was Obsessed

There is something to be said for adorning yourself with pieces that make you feel joy. I like to think of it as if I’m the main character in a movie, dressed up before falling into a funny and crazy love affair-the kind of fun, lucky, optimistic that we all deserve for a little overdose of right now, right? Towards this summer season, with everyone ready to dress up for more than one grocery run, we’re all shamelessly excited about Fashion (with a capital F), so it ' s just that the Bold colors are the main trend in jewelry.

To get specific, it's all about three main shades: ruby ​​red, emerald green, and turquoise blue. My favorite people in fashion are already in her, Included in the Editor -in -Chief of Who What Wear, Kat Collings included. I talked to Kat about her love of jewelry, how she sets and puts on her favorite pieces for the summer, and why she loves the Piaget ' s Possession collection for all her colorful jewelry looks.

Now that the tide appears to be turning, Kat is ready to re -enter the fashion world. "I think people are thrilled to have a reason to strive with their looks. It feels good to put on an outfit that is a perfect representation of your style and mood, and if a lot of people can see its more than just your cat, what's new! Summer is definitely the time for being pretty playful in fashion. I love to embrace color and keep it simple but it affects my look, "she said.

He certainly did that in this bold red look definitely spin the head. "I had a lot of fun styling the earrings for this look. I went for an asymmetrical effect, where in one ear, I had a blob hanging on the back of my earlobe and the other on the front. I love that you can customize the look depending on your mood. Combining the watch with the bangle is also a fun way to make a statement on my wrist. "

" I see a definite shift in jewelry trends where people are opting for looks that have a little more presence and personality, ”Kat says. "Think color; think bold. Fine jewelry will always have its place, but I think people are looking for jewelry that leaves little impression. It's easy to switch to neutral ones. but a shade of color can literally boost my mood. "

This bright green look is a definite mood booster and perfect for almost every summer occasion from alfresco dinners, outdoor picnics to the park , and much more. “The square neck of the dress creates a great canvas that asks to be decorated with a necklace,” Kat says. "I love stacking the two Possession rings on top of each other for a bolder style. The best part is that they look separate as well."

It is almost impossible to see this dreamy color and not immediately get carried away with a gorgeous setting near the ocean. For this reason, the color turquoise almost immediately evokes a feeling of joy, à la the first few moments of a vacation. Kat agreed, adding, " In a pre-pandemic world, I like to buy myself jewelry when I travel. It's more expensive than a typical souvenir, but it lasts longer, and is fun to remember. its to me the places I’ve been. ”

Don’t be afraid to mix shades: Turquoise really stands out against a navy outfit, as Kat proved in the more specialized this look. " The deep V of the blazer framed the bolo necklace perfectly. I stacked a pair of bangles on each other, playing with contrast between the blue stone and of diamonds as well as the size of a smaller bracelet and a statement one.Putting jewelry adds size to your look and makes your accessorizing more versatile.Why have you when you have a lot ?! “Now that’s a jewelry motto I can leave behind.

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