Paris Hilton Stars on Tatler's "Perfectly Camp" cover from May 2021

Paris Hilton Stars on Tatler's "Perfectly Camp" cover from May 2021

Paris Hilton is experiencing a resurgence in the fashion world and we love it. First, Bruno Sialelli used Paris brilliantly as the face of Lanvin's spring 2021 advertising campaign. Now Paris appears 16 years after her last appearance on Tatler . Richard Dennen takes the magazine to new heights with triumphant covers with Nicole Kidman Elle Fanning and Natalia Vodianova . The newest British glossy magazine for May 2021 keeps this series going. Paris was photographed by Yu Tsai and styled by Sandy Armeni. She is being held at her Beverly Hills home, lounging with her cute canine companions for the charming cover photo.


Paris was a welcome sight for our forum members. "I never thought I'd say that, but I LOVE this Paris resurgence," applauded marsnoop2 .

"I never thought there would be a day when I would enjoy a Paris Hilton resurgence. But here we are," added MyNameIs .

"Man, me Dear Paris! This cover is just so perfect, "enthused flowxxx .

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JohannesL was also a fan: “Well, I always have a soft spot for Paris and you should talk about these magazines like Tatler Vanity Fair or even Vogue ! "

" I just love how one month Tatler Carrie Symonds on the cover and Paris Hilton the next. The cover is great, Paris looks amazing and I, too, love this resurgence that the industry has recently been experiencing in Paris, ”proclaimed vogue28 .

“I love the pink Barbie doll. Looking back on simpler days ”, estimated minniemucha .

“Perfect camp”, described mikel .

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