Pleated pants are the jogging pants of spring

Pleated pants are the jogging pants of spring

By now you probably have a little sweatpants tiredness. We don't blame you. Even though they are so comfortable, we still feel like we dress up every day. With Spring just around the corner there is an equally comfortable silhouette with a lot more style. We are talking about pleated trousers here.

The wrinkled, pleated pants are effortlessly cool without the constraints of your jeans or pants. Their relaxed shape makes them a pleasure to wear all day. Especially the wide-leg varieties.

You can swing them around the house as polished loungewear. We strongly recommend combining them with matching pleated tops whenever possible. Or take them on a ride to get everything you need. You're chic enough to make viewers admire your ingenuity.

Find your perfect pleated trousers below.

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