Refillable skin care products that are good for your skin and the environment

Refillable skin care products that are good for your skin and the environment

Whether you are a Korean skin care professional or a a proven minimalist we can all agree on one thing. Less is more. At least when it comes to packaging. Because even if your regime only involves a few steps, multiple packages will either need to be thrown away or recycled, preferably the latter. (But only a small part of plastics is actually recycled.) The solution? Why Refillable Skin Care Products?

Refillable containers are nothing new in the beauty field. There are already many options for applying makeup. Thanks to brands like Pharrell Williams' new Humanrace line and Rihanna's Fenty Skin, the trend to reduce and reuse is growing in importance on the skin care side of the industry.

Let us be clear, however. Refillable skin care products can have an impact by reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as energy and water consumption. However, since most of the refills are in bag or bowl shape, we buy new containers every time we need a refresh. On the other hand, brands like Le Labo and Badekultur allow you to bring bottles back to the store to refill, sometimes at a discounted price.

Indeed the price is another benefit of using refillable products. The bags or sleeves cost less than the first purchase, so that you not only protect the environment.

Ready (a little more) green? Here are our favorite refillable skin care products.

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