Rianne Van Rompaey, Akon Changkou and others bring the heat to Louis Vuitton's summer 2021 campaign

Rianne Van Rompaey, Akon Changkou and others bring the heat to Louis Vuitton's summer 2021 campaign

Steven Meisel can't go wrong when it comes to photographing front pages or advertising campaigns for large fashion houses . (And even for Zara .) So we weren't surprised that Meisel stepped behind the lens for Louis Vuitton's Alma handbag campaign last month. Much to our delight, Meisel is returning to capture the French fashion house's 2021 summer campaign. The ads feature an impressive number of models, including Rianne Van Rompaey, Akon Changkou, Ida Heiner, Jade Nguyen and Ashley Radjarame, adding summer heat to the studio in Vuitton's new collection while showcasing a selection of the brand's latest leather goods.


The campaign sparked discussions on our forums. “The man is a magician! It's amazing to see that even after all these years he still manages to get the best out of the girls! "announced SRank .

" I really don't have any negatives – that's just gorgeous and exactly what I had to see! "praised RedSmokeRise .

" Natural hair, natural make-up and above all great casting, "applauded Mercredi .

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GERGIN was also impressed: "Much better than the previous handbag campaign with the mild background and the annoying hairstyles! Let the rule of Rianne Van Rompaey continue …"

"That is much better than last season's bad hair fiasco, "repeated THD96 .

" Much better than the last Vuitton campaign … I'm here for the US Vogue circa 1999 Mood and the casting of Jade ”, approved Fiercification .

"Thank god they have smiling models here to compensate for this The Pont Neuf campaign that you recently ran and that could only be used to sell antidepressants! “Said YohjiAddict .

  Louis Vuitton & # 39; Summer by the Pool & # 39; 2021: Rianne, Jade, Akon, Ashley & Ida by Steven Meisel


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