Rosé makes her Vogue Australia cover debut for April 2021

Rosé makes her Vogue Australia cover debut for April 2021

Blackpink continues to dominate the global fashion industry. Lisa is a Celine ambassador, Jennie is the face of Chanel Beauty in Korea, Jisoo was handpicked by Christian Dior, and Anthony Vaccarello snapped rose for Saint Laurent. After being featured in the French fashion house's autumn 2020 advertising campaign, Rosé is now making her debut as the Vogue Australian cover star for April 2021. Christine Centenera chose a look from Saint Laurent & # 39; s ] Spring 2021 collection for the K-Pop sensation to rock for the cover while a pose against a pink background is struck in front of the lens by Peter Ash Lee.


Australian Vogue last shared our forum members. “A very pedestrian cover. They have done no justice to their beauty. The pose and expression look uncomfortable. The concept is too literal. Art Direction, a catastrophe ”, criticized MON .

"A mix of black and pink for a girl who belongs to a girl group called Blackpink looks sticky," added crmsnsnwflks . 19659005] “Terrible coverage, looks like she's got a strawberry milkshake. I'm actually a huge Vogue Australia fan, but this cover is a tough pass for me. And it is becoming increasingly clear that the art direction is not working. Better change it again… ”said Benn98 .

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"I'm just pleasantly surprised Vogue Australia had two covers with Asian stars in the last five months ", estimate mathiaskatz .

“The black and pink are far too literal for my taste, especially since it is a solo cover. It's certainly not a bad cover for the recent Vogue Australian standards, ” KINGofVERSAILLES admitted.

“A million and once better than last month's Gemma Ward ] homepage! Regardless, I like the combination of black and pink, I will always love the sight of this Saint Laurent collection and I can appreciate the minimal art direction. No complaints here! "raved vogue28 .

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