Stacey Abrams will serve as Marie Claire's cover star for April 2021

Stacey Abrams will serve as Marie Claire's cover star for April 2021

We have seen political figures on many big fashion titles lately. Melissa DeRosa and Lauren Underwood showed up Harper & # 39; s Bazaar . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez presided over the Vanity Fair . While Kamala Harris covered both ELLE and Vogue . Now Marie Claire & # 39; newly installed editor Sally Holmes elects Stacey Abrams as the magazine's cover star for April 2021. The American politician, lawyer and voting rights activist poses in a cape of Thom Browne, chosen by stylist Memsor Kamarake for the picture taken by photo duo AB + DM.

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Nonetheless, the cover definitely shared our forums." Since when have fashion magazines become political vehicles? Ridiculous, "explained one obviously unimpressed Handbag Queen .

"Politics and fashion have been intermingled for at least the 1960s," replied Joromana . "Apart from that, I DON'T like the layout for this cover. Stacey has it better Earned. "

FashionMuseDior doesn't feel the cover either:" Shocking layout! Looks like a middle school student who loves graphic design is doing something in PowerPoint. "

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“It would have been much better if it had been cut off from your hands. She has a beautiful smile on that cover and it's a shame it zoomed out, "emphasizes Yasouss .

" What about the influx of full-length covers lately? Please let it stop! Even so, Stacey looks great and I like that they didn't go the safe route of photographing her in an office. That looks respectful of her role, but it's still interesting. So politicians are officially the new cover stars ”, proclaimed Benn98 .

Forum member vogue28 is clearly a fan too. "Of all the political figures we've seen on the covers of fashion magazines in recent months, I think this is my favorite. The statuary stance and the full-length picture makes sense when styling, love the colors and how it still feels like a fashion cover. "

" Love her and love the cover, "shared an absolutely enthusiastic axiomat .

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