Designer Eyeware

You’ve got most likely heard of the Ray Ban firm, however you may not know simply how much goes into their previous. When you head to the Menswear Shop, Richard will appear telling you that is has not opened yet. Back on the shop, Niamh will visit again requesting a new model: Chorale Prelude or Enid Chen (chic type). Hafsa returns for a boho outfit to match her work mate Cathy who loves the boho-stylish fashion. Pippa will visit next and reward you an Vintage Globe miniature. Later the person who arrived on the station earlier will come to the store. His identify is Xiaobai and he tells you that he is the supervisor of the Menswear Shop. He talks about his plans for operating the store however your assistant freaks him out with too many questions about operating a business. He’ll depart and you need to observe him to … Read more