Take Note—This Luxe British Fragrance Brand Is a Must-Have in Your Collection

Take Note—This Luxe British Fragrance Brand Is a Must-Have in Your Collection

Looking for another excuse to whip out your credit card and expand your fragrance collection? Here’s one: British luxury fragrance brand Molton Brown has a line of unique and sophisticated perfumes you’ll want to get your hands on. For a fragrance novice, Molton Brown is the perfect entry into the brilliant (and often complex) world of luxury fragrances that, while at a higher price point, offer the wearer an olfactory experience like no other. Molton Brown has established a reputation for itself as one of the premiere British makers of fragrance since the brand was founded in 1971. Hungry for more? Keep reading to find out which of its iconic scents should be on your radar.

Key notes: Marine notes, jasmine, bergamot, cypress, and smoky leather. One of Molton Brown’s best-selling fragrances, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel blends notes of fresh  fig leaves, ginger, cypress, jasmine, leather, and musk for a fresh and opulent, ocean-inspired scent.

Key notes: Pink pepper, lily of the valley, osmanthus, patchouli, and cedarwood. This complex yet delicately balanced eau de parfum combines spicy pink pepper with deep base notes of warm patchouli and cedarwood that will take you on a unique aromatic journey.

Key notes: Jasmine, cassis, sweet raspberry leaf, davana, and labdanum. Inspired by the multifaceted qualities of jasmine, this fragrance boasts blooming notes of cassis and sweet raspberry leaf enhanced by a splash of oriental rose, making this one my top pick for evening wear.

Key notes: Bergamot, amber, tonka absolute, and mineral ambroxan. This flirty fragrance mixes bold notes of bergamot, amber, and fresh mineral ambroxan for an altogether warm and familiar fragrance that will keep whoever crosses your path wondering if they’ve ever made your acquaintance.

Key notes: Ylang-ylang, bitter almond, neroli, sandalwood, and musk. My perfume of choice for a trip to the tropical islands of my dreams; Flora Luminare is the perfect mix of beachy and floral with bright florals and earthy musk.

Key notes: Cypriol, cedar leaves, saffron, vanilla, and patchouli. I’m obsessed with how earthy and mysterious this fragrance is with a blend of unexpected woodsy notes like cedar leaves, sweet vanilla, and patchouli for a hint of warmth.

Key notes: Lychee, peony, raspberry, rhubarb, and cedarwood. My number one pick for a fragrance that smells exactly like bright summer days, this fragrance mixes the sweetness of juicy berries with a bouquet of bright florals and rich cedarwood.

Key notes: Milk, benzoin, elemi, and musk. Embrace your cozy side with Molton Brown’s Milk Musk, a scent that blends the comforting notes of milk, benzoin, elemi, and soft musk for a perfume that smells like wrapping up in your favorite cashmere blanket.

With Rose Dunes’ floral and spicy notes featuring spicy saffron, patchouli, oudh accord and, of course, velvety rose, this fragrance is all the splendor and romance of Valentine’s Day in a bottle.

Key notes: Saffron, black tea, oud, olibanum resin, and vanilla. Molton Brown’s Mesmerizing Oudh Accord smells just like it sounds: a powerful blend of rich saffron, black tea, and spices that transports you to the mysteriously comforting woods.

Key notes: Ginger, cardamom, tuberose, lily, and cedarwood. With its mix of elegant florals (tuberose and lily) accented by fresh ginger and cardamom against of cozy base of cedarwood and sweet vanilla, it’s no mystery why this eau de parfum is a crowd favorite.

Key notes: Orris absolute, mandarin, suede accord, and vanilla. If you’re partial to more floral, powdery fragrances, Suede Orris mixes notes of sparkling mandarin, suede, orris, and smooth vanilla as an ode to the orris-scented gloves worn by Italian noblewomen.

Key notes: Bitter orange, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, petitgrain, and musk. Molton Brown’s celebration of joy and energy, this eau de parfum blooms with a bright blend of florals, tangy citrus, and undeniably smooth, warm musk that’ll make you want to keep wearing it 24/7.

Key notes: Pear, lily of the valley, magnolia, white tea, and sandalwood. And lastly, my personal fragrance from Molton Brown, a fabulously floral scent featuring sweet magnolia, lily of the valley, warm sandalwood, and juicy pear for an uplifting and sweet finish.

Key notes: Tobacco, nutmeg, ginger, and Peruvian balsam. The brand’s best-selling, enigmatic eau de parfum is a robust and woody fragrance that combines notes of smoky tobacco, sensual Peruvian balsam, savory ginger, and nutmeg.

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