The #1 Boot Trend of 2022 (and the Coolest Way to Wear It)

The #1 Boot Trend of 2022 (and the Coolest Way to Wear It)

It's official boot season and even though our boot collection has somewhat expanded in recent years hello, knee -high boots, rubber boots, and Western boots to name a few), there are a couple that are one step above the others. We’re talking about Chelsea boots, specifically chunky Chelsea boots . Perhaps it’s because they add an effortless vibe to all of our fall and winter clothes; perhaps it is because they are extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and practical; or maybe it’s because we haven’t yet found a style we don’t like — whatever the reason, they’re the dominant shoe trend this season, and we’re here for it.

If you’ve been. looking at the trend but you haven’t found the outfit inspiration you need, then take a look at the 12 Chelsea-boot outfits below. We’ve curated a selection from some of your favorite Instagram style stars who have worn them in everything from relaxed jeans and oversized blazers to knit dresses . In other words, there's enough inspiration for the rest of the winter — and even the transitional weeks after.

Marry Chelsea boots to another cool trend we like: leather Bermuda shorts.

The combination couldn't be easier.


Heavy stompers create a cool contrast with beautiful printed clothes. 194590 23]
Living in a warmer climate? Do this cool ensemble again when you wear a big blazer over a bodysuit, though a minidress will work as well. 19659003]

Although boots aren ' t the first thing you think of when wearing a polished skirt set, Chelsea boots ensure that the look is fresh.



[1945900522] [1945900522] ] Another big trend pairing flawlessly boots? Sweater-vests. Wear one with a miniskirt and collared shirt for the ultimate 2022 vibe. Long column skirts also look great with chunky-soled boots. ] If skinny jeans and pants are part of your style lexicon, try putting them on a pair of mid-calf boots like this. ]

Shorts and boots may not be the first combination imaginable, but unexpected footwear makes relaxed shorts even more uplifting.

A classic trench coat and chunky boots is a match made in heaven [190][50][50][50][50][50][19] heaven made 19659003]

Finally, wear them to look like your loungewear. Even if you’re running out for quick coffee, boots are a more stylish option than sneakers or slides. ] Next, find all of the biggest shoe trends dominating this season .

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