The 18 French Girls Who Always Have the Best Hairstyles

The 18 French Girls Who Always Have the Best Hairstyles

It's hard to put my finger on exactly what it is about French girls that we Brits find so damn attractive. Perhaps it was their ability to build a timeless capsule wardrobe that always looked stylish or their request for a basic makeup product that would stand the test of time. Surely there is something about their obsession with “boring” basics that entices us who are in the highest hearts.

Between classic trench coats and pharmacy moisturizers there's another I always look to young French for: hairstyle inspiration . Whether they come out with long locks or short strands, French women are always ahead when it comes to chic, simple hairstyles that look like they haven’t picked up in a while. In fact, some of these styles only take 30 seconds to create.

From messy buns filled with elegant hair scarves to removing the edge ' dos and messy waves, here are 18 French women I always come back to for chic hair inspiration.

The bangs are back with a bang for 2021 but that doesn't mean they have to be high maintenance. Andrea’s choppy fringe looks very long and pairs well with another most popular summer hairstyle-the humble ponytail.

I think Aria's messy bun would make the perfect wedding-guest hairstyle.

Léna is the Parisienne queen of the headscarf and it always looks chic on her. It is a playful way to add print and color to a simple outfit and also protects the hair from the elements. and fringe combo that looks hard chic.

When it comes to bringing their bangs A-game, French girls like Leia know where it is. Her middle-parted bangs look great at her length.

Proving that bahayage isn’t going anywhere, Hanna’s curly -colored curls look great.

The key to re -creating a French girl's hairstyle at home is to remember one basic rule: Don't try too much. Camille’s gorgeous update can be quickly twisted into the back of your hair and secured with a turtle clip. The more flyaways and escaped fibers, the better.

When French girls don't opt ​​for unobtrusive waves and small caps, they come out with elegant updates like Claire's chic, scraped-back low bun.

Jeanne Damas effortlessly talked the "I woke up like this" hair vibe up to a great art. I am also quite obsessed with her amazing feathered bangs.

Our Brit girl resident in Paris, Marissa Cox, embraced a staple feminine hairstyle in France: breezy beach waves.

The short and spread bob makes me want to cut all my hair now.

Syana created the formula for the perfection of the French-girl hairstyle. Beret + braids = a match made in heavenly style.

Getting hair accessories right is half the battle when it comes to re-creating French-girl hair at home Xiayan's hair scarf is looks stylish tied with a simple low ponytail.

French girls embrace one of two styles of separation: the classic side part or the relaxed side parting, such as presented by Clémentine.

Let's face it – a topknot is a hairstyle that looks great all over the world. AJ ' s are very tall, super slicked-back and extremely chic.

The cool girl Anne-Laure always delivers hair inspiration and I don ' t get enough of a ' 90s-inspired ponytail complete with micro plaits.

A ponytail takes seconds to make but always looks good. Sabina's scrunchie looks very cute in her minidress.

Parisian Ellie revealed the key to rocking a short, pixie cut like a French girl was to add in some hair accessories. Her hair-clip duo on the side adds instant cool points.

If you remember something about France's best hairstyles, make sure you embrace your natural hair texture Chloé leaves the natural kink in her hair to handle simple styling with a slight part to it.

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