The 5 Color Trends in Winter 2021 That Are Anything But Weak

The 5 Color Trends in Winter 2021 That Are Anything But Weak

We know that autumn is an exciting time for fashion but we promise that winter can be almost as beautiful. Just let us prove it to you. While it ' s confusing to navigate on cold days and sunset earlier than we would like, we look at the positive in all of this. The new season requires thicker knits, fun outerwear, cozy accessories and so many trends coming in that also don’t work for other seasons. We’ve given you the digital download on the key themes you’ll see this season (straight from the runways) but we’ve also searched social media and the market to find out which colors we see release the most. Often, the man of the fall color we know and love is brought to us in Winter, but there are some new themes that come out ready for the holidays and new year.

Because we are at the beginning of fatigue time of year, you can also increase the lack of sunlight with some color. If you're looking for a place to start — try the options below. You will find many of the 5 below on the market today. We'll find out, we've looked — and picked out A+ picks for you to choose from.

Call it obvious, but the amount of cream, white, and beige always carries me for surprise. This season, I’m seeing not only neutral shades in your classic cable knits, but also in party dresses, trendy handbags, and more.

jewel tones onto the sartorial world ' s radar, but emerald green certainly has a moment now. We called Kelly Green the color of the year, so it only makes sense that its more muted pairing would shine in the winter.

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Holiday parties are among us, and that calls for all the glitz and glam. Although we ' ve seen more metallic glitter in the fall, it ' s all about thick shimmer, crystal, and sparkle as we approach December.


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2021 runways, but also includes canary yellow and cobalt blue. Designers seem to be returning to their old art lessons as the trifecta grows in the fashion scene.

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If you're looking for a color that will brighten up the winter days — this will do the job. Mute tones like rust or clay are a safe option but we think you should take a risk with a bright orange if you’re on the fence about it. You only live once, so why not?

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