The Beauty Artists of J.Lo & # 039; s is Tilted Every Time He Sees 5 Mistakes

The Beauty Artists of J.Lo & # 039; s is Tilted Every Time He Sees 5 Mistakes

It's no secret that one of our favorite places to explore here at Who What Wear is the magic Jennifer Lopez. From her impossible cool style to her master of aging and her overall badassery, we can't get enough Jenny From the Block. When it comes to her makeup, in particular, we are eternally afraid of the fact that she will never have an off day. This is certainly not true, and is due in large part to her trusted makeup artist, Scott Barnes .

Two decades of painting famous faces like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian West taught Barnes a thing or two about getting the look right, every single hour. So & # 39; t when we hear the veteran beauty guru add a range of face and eye palettes to her eponymous makeup lines, we know that every offer will be something special. In an effort to get closer to our goal of putting on our best faces, we took the opportunity to ask Barnes' opinion about the makeup mistakes that prevented us from looking like J.Lo (you know, besides our pesky DNA).

Next, review the five mistakes he crashed, and find out what to do instead.

"Poor contour lines are usually a sign that you are just following a trend and ignoring your own face. When I launched my second book with Kim Kardashian on the cover, which is widely known in -contour, my voice after that contour is about emphasizing what is there, "Barnes explained. "Instead of copying how others contour, think of it as a surgeon would do: Rounded faces can use some structure, and framed faces can use a bit of rotation. Be honest. in your facial structure, and that will help you control the process. like a professional. "

The takeaway: Contour according to your own face shape, not according to what you see others doing .


Barnes was an OG Hollywood makeup artist, and as a result, he saw the rise and fall of many in a makeup trend. “The colorless eye shadow was very 1999,” he said. "My solution is to blend so that your eye color and shape can pop! Your eye shadow should not be stolen away. Think of eye shadow as the beginning of your whole look. You want to be a good one. transition to exploring other colors that occur in your body and body. "

The takeaway: Mix, blend, blend (and then blend more) so that your eye shadow is smooth fit the rest of your look.


"I can look at any skin type, dark or light, and see if it has been replaced by more yellow or red, and if their cheeks need a smaller or larger area redness, "Barnes told us. "If you have a redder color and you are pounding a ton of pink blush, it can finally get messy. Know your skin, and your redness will start to become more natural. And always put the redness on front of your cheek, not to the side. "

Taking: Think of blush as a way to add youth by shifting colors, and also consider placement.


"Highlighting brings things forward, and shadows lower things, so I understand why some may give in to the temptation to hit their hollow cheeks. half of their highlighter product.I think the best way to handle hollow cheeks is really about choosing the right contour color, proper layering, and choosing the right foundation shade that can lift your hollow area from the bottom, "Barnes pointed out.

The takeaway: Choose your contour and careful foundation so you will not be tempted to overdo the highlighter.


"I love drama, but during the day, the brutal s of heavy eye makeup can get so different that it actually makes you doom. I do makeup for 20 years the camera has been on and off, so one thing that has always been on my mind is the light. during the day deny the motivation to choose only a lot of black and gray or dark, thick colors.Otherwise, stay in the darker shades of natural tones that match your skin.You will know the difference you are looking for can still be achieved through practice and experimentation, "Barnes said.

The takeaway: Be patient with perfecting your daytime drama, and consider your lighting I will work with and the colors you use.

Next, those five eye makeup tricks will really last years on your face.

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