The Best Cocktail Dresses If You Don't Have 5 ' 3 "

The Best Cocktail Dresses If You Don't Have 5 ' 3 "

I've lived my whole life knowing I'm leaning towards the shorter side. Whether it’s not tall enough to ride roller coasters or inevitably invisible to many people, being short is an important part of who I am. While working on fashion last decade proved that height is just a number and I am not afraid to wear seasonal trends I also found that I prefer certain styles to my shorter frame.

] I can say with absolute confidence that my height of 5 ' 3 ”has ever restricted me from trying new, statement fashion trends . Now I just found out that in trendy silhouettes, there are design hacks playing with me. For example, if I’m shopping for a midi dress, I’ll choose styles that accentuate my waist by adding waist seams, draping, or ruching details. Although a tailor is probably on the speed dial, there are so many cocktail dresses that exist for those 5 ' 3 "down. I am life proof. From sequined minis with exaggerated puff sleeves to smooth one-shoulder midis, keep scrolling to discover my cocktail dress choices.

It's all about the twist-knot detail.Style hack: I'm also looking for this basic design detail on my blouses … It lengthens the silhouette and removes any potential bagginess.19459005 the dress curtain will embrace all the right points of the body ..

The revealing back creates the illusion of length.19459005.


Opt for a voluminous top that will do all the work for the rest of the dress. the silhouette.

The i a satin slip dress is pointless. looking for a longer silhouette, fit in form, clothes that embrace the body the way.

Another ally in design: a tie on the front.

Behold, the dream slip dress of a short woman. 19459005 is also a great guide when shopping for clothes. Find necklines that both expose and emphasize your collarbones.

Something about the simple beaded bodice is just right to feel. [0]

It gives me major ' 90s vibes.

Thes smocked a silhouette The right way of making sequins Intricate draping. Do I need to say more?

Another twist-front, another yes for me.

I feel like I can really use this dress every vacation.

I like ruching on this one. When you’re short, it’s really about playing with understated design elements. 19459005, beautiful look with intricate seam detailing.

I think I have at least four versions of this dress. Who What Wear, we love a beautiful blazer, so when it doubles as a dress, we’re here for it.

This low dress checks all the boxes. Next, 27 Fall Wedding Guest Dresses That Will Ask Everyone, “Where Did You Get That?”

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