The cover of Vogue Japan from May 2021 makes us switch places with Imaan Hammam

The cover of Vogue Japan from May 2021 makes us switch places with Imaan Hammam

Due to the ongoing global health crisis, travel is not on the agenda for the vast majority of us. But we live through the covers and pages of our favorite fashion highlights as a representative. After Vogue Paris transported us to Mexico, Vogue Japan is now with its cover shoot from May 2021 back to the Italian region of Apulia. Firm Forum Favorit Imaan Hammam returns to the Japanese fashion bible this month . The Dutch beauty lounge was shot by photo duo Luigi & Iango and designed by Anna Dello Russo. She wears a dazzling Burberry dress and heels for the glamorous and summery shot.


“Beautiful! It's so summery and glamorous, "enthused KINGofVERSAILLES .

" I love it! Looks very luxurious and summery ”, repeated Benn98 .

“That's fabulous! Perfect for summer and Imaan looks like a dream, ”said [Piece Of Me].

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Ms. T. also quickly showed some love for the cover: “That's why models have to be on the cover of fashion magazines! No Instagram stars, celebrities, influencers … only models! "

" I'm speechless, that's unbelievable! Imaan is one of those rare models of our time who really know how to take a pose and give a face, ”applauded FashionMuseDior .

“Oh, I love that. It's really very noticeable! Vogue Japan is really reinventing itself by slowly moving away from studio recordings. As much as I love their studio covers, the last outdoor covers were pleasantly decent, ”emphasized MON .

"Amazing cover, Imaan looks great …" said burbuja8910 .

Imaan's cover feature is an absolute must. Check this out, see what Vogue Japan's latest version has to offer and share your thoughts here .

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