The Timeless Bikini Trend Classical Sexy of & # 039;

The Timeless Bikini Trend Classical Sexy of & # 039;

Here's a little on Cannes – to the shock of many. This was eventually accepted, leading to the invention of the string bikini in the 1960s. But when you picture the string bikinis of the past, you can imagine the ' 80s and ' 90s. Or it could be the 2020s …

Bikini strings are arguably the most popular swim trend of the year. A scroll through your Instagram feed, if you follow a lot of fashion people and celebrities, you’ll quickly verify that. While string bikinis clearly have very little fabric on them, one factor they love around the world is that they are incredibly fit and, of course, sexy. If you agree, keep scrolling to see some of my favorite bikini strings on Instagram and to shop some of the best your money can buy.

Who doesn't love a matching look?

Frankies Bikinis have all the beautiful prints. Shop for a matching Tia Satin String Bikini Bottom ($ 80).

This patchwork is perfect.

Get yourself a sarong, people – it's important.

Returning swimsuits are one of my favorite inventions. Shop for matching Iris Reversible Bikini Bottoms ($ 78).

Her fun.

Simple string bikinis are often the best string bikinis.

Hunza G swimsuits are worth every cent. Trust me.

If I could just wear sparkly bikinis, I would be happy.

A little yellow swimsuit and this infinity pool is all I need.

The most beautiful print award goes to. Shop for matching Mure String Bikini Bottoms ($ 68).

This daisy printed option is very good. Shop for matching Floral Bikini Bottoms ($ 30).

Another great idea to consider: matching pants.

If you want to try the thong-bikini trend, you can do so by searching Amazon.

Hurry – H&M bikinis don ' t stay in stock long. Shop for matching Tie Bikini Bottoms ($ 13).

A bikini with a thicker strap is still considered a string bikini.

I can't stop staring at this color. Shop for matching Side Tie Bikini Bottoms ($ 90).

The Good American cannot do wrong. Shop for matching Tiny Ties Bikini Bottoms ($ 49).

Classic prints are always a good idea.

If you're not into tie straps, this one is for you. Shop for compatible Recycled Bikini Bottoms ($ 85).

You don't really have to go to Miami to appreciate this one.


Minimalism at its best.

Gold accents make this black bikini special. Shop for compatible Alexa Bottoms ($ 60).

It makes me want to wear a matching cardigan with my bikini. Shop for matching Alyssa Bottoms ($ 60).

The bikini and the wearer are glowing.

All I can say is wow.

The reviews for this one are fantastic on Amazon.

If you're not into triangle bikinis, try a balconette top.

Thank you very much for this, Mango. Shop for a matching Tie Bikini Bottom ($ 30).

Last but not least, the baby blue sparkles. Shop for matching Evie Bikini Bottoms ($ 70).

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