This Controversial Trendy Bag Is Becoming A Thing

This Controversial Trendy Bag Is Becoming A Thing

When you finally figure out how to get all the things you need in a day to fit in one of those little mini bags, the fashion universe needs to go and make a bag standard the polar opposite of something. (But don’t be afraid to cool your beloved mini bag.) Over the past few seasons, there have been hints on the runway of Jacquemus, Proenza Schouler, Loewe, and more that oversized bags returns to relevance in the form of clutches, totes, and top-handle satchels. Sure, we’re finally seeing indications of it on Instagram and on the streets. Many who attended the show at the recent Paris Couture Fashion Week fully embraced the extra bag walk, including Bottega Veneta, Loewe, and Maison Margiela (its puffer bag is everywhere) the iterations are some of the most popular.

The good news is it can fit the flow of your laptop, a water bottle, your phone charger, and even an extra pair of shoes in some cases. The bad news is the issues that come up like where to put it when eating in a restaurant (apart from the floor, yikes), or how to remove it when you’re little.

Now, I want a new trend in the bag as like the next fashion girl, but I'll say that at 5 ' 4, "I'm struggling with how to pull off carrying a bag that's almost half the size I've seen pictures of me from the past with giant bags up my shoulder or arm, and it's definitely not my best look.Maybe the heel will help? I'm determined to find an oversized bag that works for my frame after seeing how many cool newcomers come out of the retailers and how chic fashion -show attendees carrying them in. Keep scrolling for evidence and the best oversized shopping offered on the market.

This top-handle tote is an obvious choice for the office, but it’s a cool, unexpected choice for OOO events.

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Maison Margiela puffy clutches are all over the streets of Paris during couture week, and we expect the same for next fashion month.

[194590177] [194590177] ]

Want to try running on the cheap? Take a big canvas walk and call it a day.

[194590207] [194590207] ]

Bottega Veneta ' s Pouch Bag has established itself as the It bag of the moment. It may leave you with just one hand free, but it’s so chic that it’s worth it.

An oversized Loewe bag is enough to be an outfit in something special. Case.

[194590257] [194590257] ]

If you like the boho look, you'll love the trend of this bag.


[194590287] [194590287] ]

The large puffer clutch re -attacked. (PS: This style looks great with ripped denim.)

Why don't you include your bag in your dress?

[194590347] [194590347] ]

This Maison Margiela bag provides the perfect contrast to a fun summer dress.

[194590377] [194590377] ]

Also doubles function as a pillow (which you can't say for a mini bag).

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