This Hair Trend Is Where Even Today, And It's Perfect For Lazy Women

This Hair Trend Is Where Even Today, And It's Perfect For Lazy Women

Not done, effortless hair has become something as long as we can remember. Whether it’s straight, silky length, effortless tousled waves or curl and coil with a natural-looking bounce and definition, over the past few years, hair trends have been focused on finding ways to look like we hadn't spent three hours styling it. However, the reality is it takes a whole bunch of heated tools cream styles, and setting sprays to achieve this “I woke up like” hair. But finally, after all these years, we spent the struggle to make our hair effortless, uncomplicated and heatless hair was finally a thing.

Seriously, we see it everywhere. From fashion girls to celebs, it seems last year’s events have pushed us all to embrace a zero-style hair approach. If you don’t want to take our word for it, we have confirmation from the king of unaltered hair (and a Kérastase ambassador), Luke Hersheson . "Over the lockdown, we all gave ourselves a little bit of a break in terms of heat styling. We generally do less. Less makeup, less hair-we dress up. I think we'll see. we will continue, "he said.

The mantra for spring is less the best. It's about putting your straighteners tweezers, and wavers on the side and embracing air-drying diffusing and other low-heat hairstyles . The results are truly undo, regardless and relaxing. Hersheson added, "Unlike before we refer to ' hairless hair ' when, honestly, a lot of work goes into it. It's about investing in a great cut or color at the salon. and then embrace a softer approach without tweezers and straighteners. Given that you keep your hair in great condition, you just have to start embracing easier styles. "

It's time to get ready for that. a world where the rough drying of your hair is done and where we rely on leave-in products and conditioning treatments to achieve the minimalist style we want. Keep scrolling to get all the inspiration you need from the best hairstyles without heat.

If your hair is not naturally wavy, coarse dry up to 80% and sleep in plaits overnight. In the morning, you will have effortless waves on the beach.

Embracing the beautiful, natural texture of hair is always a good look.

Air-dry thin, fine hair and avoid reaching for any product that may weigh it down. The results will be soft, fluffy, and chic.

Pendant bearers can also adopt a no -nonsense trend. Just slice it in half and use a cream style to expel the waves from the face.

Load up on nourishing butters and curl cream for a soft, bouncy feel.

While blunt bobs are a bit hard to leave, cutting layers in your shorter style is the perfect way to create texture and movement.

Look at the ' 70s for inspo if your hair is long. We think of the middle parts, gentle waves and minimal volume.

The long balayaged and dirty colored styles have lent themselves to zero-effort with no heat look.

To keep textured curls and coils strong and healthy, use deep conditioning oils to inject moisture and energy into fibers and boost luster and definition.


If things don't work out for you on any particular day, don't be afraid to waste your length on an unfinished plait. This is the perfect way to implement a chic look in less than a minute.

The 2021 shag is set to be one of the most popular cuts of the year, and it’s the perfect style to maximize techniques without heat.

Opting for an out-there pastel means your beautiful color makes all the effort for you when it comes to style .

The scalp is definitely one of the biggest hair accessories in the summer, and it makes the unfashionable strands the perfect partner.

To prevent limp, amorphous curls, use mousse and curl cream after washing.

To keep hair healthy and strong, protect it with chic silk scarves as much as possible.

The ' 90s crocodile clip is perfec t for throwing air-dried hair if you are not comfortable to style it.

For a chic, effortless look, spray a volumizing product directly onto the roots and flip to one side.

Curly hair may require a bit of excessive TLC when it comes to treatments if you want to achieve a smooth style. Look for bond repairs, restoration masks, and serums.

We can't get enough of the soft look of these bouncy coils.

Keep long styles healthy by applying conditional serums to the end.

A texted pixie cut makes for the coolest effortless summer style.

We love the low care up-dos with fibers that change face independently.

Still waiting for your hair to dry but need to run some errands? Monikh proved damp hair can look effortlessly chic.

If there’s one thing to embrace this season, it’s the beauty of the deliberate flyaway.

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