This is a Spring Refresh – 7 Items I Say Goodbye to (And Adding) to My Closet

This is a Spring Refresh – 7 Items I Say Goodbye to (And Adding) to My Closet

After weeks of planning and subsequent postponement, I finally forced myself to deal with a closet cleaning. As a fashion editor, it & # 39; s very easy to assemble clothing racks and accessories (after all that & # 39; s what we do), so spending time for a proper cleaning is no shortage of a long-term relationship . As the sun stays around a bit longer and ice coffee becomes more standard, many pieces I eagerly add to my closet in anticipation of spring. But, I am a loyal follower of the Condo method, so that means for any piece of clothing that goes into my closet, there is something else to be left out – and I just have the items in mind. Looking at my closet, I noticed that some styles had remained untouched for more than a year- such as delicate flowers and body-hugging clothes. Whether they think it’s too fancy for the moment or a harder style, I’m all about replacing them with items I would actually wear to repeat. After all, what good is it if it stays on the dust collection rack? To find out which items I plan to say goodbye to and which ones I will add, keep reading in advance.

I make a complete fashion 180 here- for the better part of a year, I have never gotten a body-con dress. And now that the weekend festivities have replaced the weekend dinner dates, they feel less appropriate for the moment, and thus get room for other clothes that I can wear it. What I like about a large dress is that it can easily feel elegant with a simple shoe move: in sneakers they can look casual, and with nice sandals, effortlessly fancy.

Since moving to California, black jeans have felt a little harsh for breeze, sunny days. I finally embraced the light-washed denim, but I was still not ready to give up my dark wash pairs. For that, I opt for black acid washing. I can still wear them with everything else I usually wear in my black jeans so it & # 39; s not much of a change style, and they are a lighter look.

It was about knit tops last year, but now I am eager to try others. Brands like A.W.A.K.E. Mode and Ganni don’t get enough dramatic balloon sleeves, so I thought I’d take a page from their books and use this style for spring. They’re easier to pair than they appear, but in the spirit of experimentation, I don’t want to splurge yet so I try this piece from the Target Who What Wear collection. It is only $ 28 but looks more expensive.

The chambray shirt is another style I choose to clean. I rarely reach for them, instead of choosing heavier denim jackets that are easier to layer on the tees and interact with my abundance of sweatpants. If I wanted the look of a layer of denim, I discovered hacking leaving a denim dress without a court to style it as a trash can. The result is a piece that is extremely versatile.

Flower patterns are intertwined with spring fashion, this is a trope at this point. But the truth is, some florals feel like a date to me. Particularly delicate florals that look very pretty and important. While a sad dark flower will always be a key role in my wardrobe, light denim variations will replace most of my flower dress. I started with this acid washing mini, but I plan to add a variety of denim tones as well, like Zara's bubblegum pink denim jeans .

Skinny jeans may look tucked away in a nice pair of boots, but it really is a gamble when it comes to fit. A more effortless silhouette is the baggy jean. They got the grunge girl chic which was at once cool and fun, and while I was on the edge of the curve, I found out they were enlarging my pear shape a bit better. Paired with a white bodysuit and floss sandals – I think I found my uniform in the spring.

Seeing that I have not been on a fancy night for many months, strapless clothes have no real place in my everyday day wardrobe. Used with strappy heels and a structured bag, these are a simple, effortless evening dress, but when it comes to more casual styling activities a strapless dress is not very easy. . One-shoulder dresses look like their more versatile cousin, and I love pairing this minimalist version from Who What Wear with a pair of combat boots, from, or sneakers . Will I still be in the KonMari method if I buy it in every color? Time will tell.

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