Trend Lovers Are Happy – I Found 5 Spring Trends That Start At Just $ 9

Trend Lovers Are Happy – I Found 5 Spring Trends That Start At Just $ 9

Welcome to On the Hunt a series in which we release our latest affordable Walmart searches. From wardap staples and stylish accessories to the best in home decorating and beauty, expect to find exceptional items at more impressive prices.

Each season, I expect to see which styles, colors, and prints rise to the top and are considered trends by the fashion world. Not to brag, but my fellow editors and I are usually seen in our predictions. There are always a handful that I immediately motivate towards while others are a bit unrealistic for my daily life. (I look at you, thong dresses and rash jeans.) This spring, I’m happy to say that there are a few trends that fall into the wearable category, and I’m already incorporating many of them into my own wardrobe.

Top contenders include dye prints (yes, again!), Shades of tangerine and pale yellow, chopped cardigans, fresh sneakers, and flat-style sandals. I realize you might want more proof that other people in fashion support these trends, as well, and man, do I have it for you. Sheryl Luke and Kristina Zias both of whom I recommend to follow on social media for all things fashion inspired, have been wearing exact trends for weeks . Some of my favorites are below, all of which I sold in pieces from Walmart starting at $ 9.

I relate a lot to Luke’s style approach, which is “to add trend driven pieces and mix them with the staples that are in my closet. "This method also ends up feeling a lot higher than trying to wear too many stylish & nbpieces at once. For example, Luke the hero will choose only one print on this outfit: the tie-dye cardigan.

"I'm picky when it comes to tie-dye", he said, "but who isn't fond of rainbow colors, especially in these softer pastel shades. I would love to pair this cardigan with my satin skirt to really complete the look. “The fresh white sneakers add the perfect casual spring vibe to it and also balance the white tee.

As mentioned before, the tangerine, which is the lovely vibrant orange color this, and pale yellow are two of the most striking colors for spring.Luke rides on both: “Tangerine is a fun and fun color that brightens up any look, and pale yellow is a shade that can be worn. of anyone, "he told me. While the two shades are lovely alone, Luke proved that they also complement each other when worn.

I love the way she’s styling her stylish cardigan in vibrant attire for a really casual outfit. ”It’s an easy throw-and-go look that provides super cozy vibes. I threaded it with a skinny belt because I wanted it to accentuate my figure and highlight my waist. “This trick is an editor to go for as well for making things feel a bit more polished.

Zias is approaching the tying trend in a bolder way than Luke by actually making it the focus of her attire. "I love tie-dyeing casual and easy jersey and cotton fabrics like this dress," she says. "It's the perfect print to make casual pieces more enjoyable."

To finish off the look, Zias adds a bag with color coordination and flatbed slide sandals.In the main trend of spring shoes, she said, “I’m thankful that slide sandals are super still stylish because they are comfortable and sometimes the laces feel like too much work. Kidding! Kind of… ”

Now back to our favorite color trends. “I love bright colors for spring, and tangerine is the perfect pop,” Zias says. She expertly paired this bold tangerine slip dress (note the subtle snake print) with her cropped cardigan. “I currently live with cardigans because they’re cute but also very functional,” he added. Even if it’s no longer cool, throwing a cardigan over your shoulder or around your waist is a great way to feel cool and unique outfit.

In case you missed it, the cool sneakers Zias is wearing are – you guessed it – a pale yellow shade. The kicks are further proof that these two colors are actually paired together.

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