Trust Me — These are 37 of the Best Celebrity Hairstyles Ever

Trust Me — These are 37 of the Best Celebrity Hairstyles Ever

From bobs and lobs to braids and full fringes, there are so many amazing hairstyles that it can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking for little inspiration before the salon . So here’s my suggestion: the A-list. With access to top hairstylists and trending hair products celebs continue to come up with hairstyles that give me the main strand of envy. But because they change their hair as often as we change our T-shirts, choosing a celeb’s favorite hairstyle can lead to the inevitable fall into an Instagram rabbit hole.

To make things easier for you. , I've compiled some of my favorite celebrity hairstyles ever — 37 to be more precise — to make your next trip to the hairdresser easier.

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Alexab s classic The hairstyle is a trademark in its own right, and I can guess that it is also among the most demanded styles in the hair salon.

The jaw dropped when Billie Eilish came out of this blonde shag in the ' 70s, waving her trademark [19] [19] saying goodbye to his trademark [1 29]. ]

Gigi embraced 2021 ' s color of the year, copper, for her latest hair makeover.
The fringe and super-long strands are a match made in hair heaven.

Rosie HW is one of my hair inspirations, but it’s her wall-back wave style that I like best. 19459018 trending hair colors. It may be trending in the winter, but Lucy Boynton was ahead of the curve with this icy-blue bob she wore to this year's Met Gala.

For with blowdry inspiration, look no further than Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex's hair always looks huge and shiny.

Every day is a good day for hair for Sienna with her tangled waves . wardrobe options.

Singer Jorja Smith's ponytail has become a style of her signature. Wearing it so high like this creates basic ' 90s vibes, which I like.

Not just J.Lo ' s skin the glowing — seriously glowing in appearance. her hair! Lopez is the queen of slicked-back style as evidenced by this braided bun.

In one of the best hair changes of celebrity Emili Clarkes that star ever, the Game of Throne Clarke. move away from Daenerys Targaryen until you can get into this layered pixie cut.

Ashley Graham keeps her ponytail smooth at the roots and vivid at the back for a glam take on two -minute style.

Major fringe inspiration courtesy of one of my favorite beauty icon so far — Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.

[19] [19] Adwoa Aboah's trademark buzz cut may be a style for the brave, but it's always been very nice to him. ]

Bella turned blonde from brunette and came back because of this elegant ponytail hair extension.

Remember when Fearne Cotton said goodbye to her classic long blonde hairstyle in favor of this cool shorter style?


VB usually styles her mid-length hair in one of two ways: classic bun or low ponytail like this super-chic. [124590] ]

To prove that mid-length hairstyles aren't boring, Gemma Chan's shoulder-length waves work on every occasion.

If you're looking. of inspo of long hair, Em Rata always delivers. This style is so beautiful on the side.

How beautiful are Nathalie’s cascading curls in this red carpet updo? I don’t expect anything from a self-confessed curl queen.

This cotton-candy-pink, pixie-cut delight looks great on Helen Mirren. FYI — we'll probably all be coloring our hair pastel this season as well.

This braided style from beyoncé that looks cool is worn reddibly attire to her Beyoncé team. .

I follow Thandie Newton for skin inspiration, but her classic curly hairstyles always look timeless as well.

Margot can do nothing wrong when it comes to her appearance on the red carpet — including these falling retro waves. Very beautiful.

A full fringe looks fabulous on Lizzo's long and curly hair.

A full fringe looks fabulous on long and curly hair Lizzo ' s hair.

Always channeling French-girl hair at its best, Kate has kept her boho length and middle part fresh since the ' 90s. Iconic.

K-Mids has always provided hair inspiration for its public displays that these classic curls are definitely favorites. [19659033] This is possibly one of my favorite hair changes ever. I think Kim K. is really incredible with this shiny bob hairstyle.

I like the contrast between the sharp ends of Hailey and the gentle length of her supposed messy. haba bob.

Let’s face it: Jen has given us decades of amazing hair inspiration, but her sleek and layered style was the first thing that came to my mind when I think actors.

We don’t just like Rachel Stevens ’down-to-earth style; as well as her hair. This headband-and-beach-wave combo looks stunning.

I need all the pearl hair clips thanks to this elegant side-swept from to the glam Tess Holliday.

Zoë Kravitz is probably my ultimate beauty crush, and this pixie cut is just one of her amazing set of hairstyle.

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