Urban Outfitters Has All of The Popping Trends—These 24 Finds Are The Proof

Urban Outfitters Has All of The Popping Trends—These 24 Finds Are The Proof

For those who love experimenting with contrasting aesthetics, summer 2022 is the season for you. It feels like a million trends have suddenly converged in these past few months, reaching peak popularity across the fashion scene. There’s the “clean girl” bunch on Tik Tok and the Y2K blitz raging on Instagram, and of course, Parisian elegance is always a presence. The above are just a sampling of the many styles pervading right now, but even then it can be daunting to sort through them all, which is why we always welcome when a store can provide all of the most relevant trends in one place. Urban Outfitters is that sort of haven, where no matter what you choose you can bet that’s pretty much on-trend. It especially pays to keep close attention to their new arrivals, as you can expect a wave of cool and fresh pieces to hit the site at any given moment. We’ve decided to cut to the chase and break down the trends that are really shaping the summer—all of them at Urban Outfitters of course. Keep reading ahead to shop our favorites.

On the opposite extreme of the micro-mini obsession, lies one of the most pervading trends of 2022—maxi skirts. You can try a cargo version if you lay on the edgy side of things, or a flirty sheer maxi skirt if you love your clothes on the romantic side.

Baggy, baggier and baggiest, parachute pants are the cool-girl answer to wearing pants in the summer. They should be long to the point they’re almost puddling on the ground, with an airy material that keeps the flowy silhouette. This trend is still a bit early, but luckily Urban Outfitters has a ton for a great price point.

The idea of wearing lingerie outside is nothing new, but this season the look feels a bit more intentional with lacy corsets and bodiced mini dresses. 

The 90s have come knocking with vigor, and this time it has bestowed upon 2022 the tube dress. Minimal yet a statement all at once, it’s an easy wardrobe solution for anything from date night, to an evening of drinks with friends. If you really like to be on the go, shop the bodysuit version which is convenient for running errands.

If you’ve even had a mild interest in joining in on the sporty sneaker wave, Urban Outfitters is a jackpot of cool pairs. They pair especially well with parachute pants. 

Okay, so white tanks were never “out” but they’re definitely at fever pitch. While designer iterations are a thing among fashion people, a regular brandless one is just as chic and effortless. Honestly, save your money buying the expensive versions and stock up on the affordable ones below. Style them with everything from baggy denim, loose trousers, or a mini skirt. 

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