Vogue Spain chooses Penélope Cruz as its first cover star for 2021

Vogue Spain chooses Penélope Cruz as its first cover star for 2021

We enjoyed the Vogue Spain immensely over the course of 2020. The Spanish Fashion Bible has delivered a series of stunning covers featuring everyone from Hailey Bieber to Ana de Armas ] to Amber Valletta . Then there was this unforgettable Indya Moore cover. Despite the fact that Eugenia de la Torriente is leaving, 2021 is still looking good for Spanish Vogue . Especially with Penélope Cruz as a pioneer. In the January issue, the actress takes pictures like a dream ( as usual ) with Chanel, selected by Juan Cebrian in front of the lens of Nico Bustos.

<img class = "wp-image-859952 size-full" src = "https://www.thefashionspot.com/assets/uploads/2020/12/voguespain-jan21-penelope-article.jpg" alt = "Vogue España January 2021: Penélope Cruz by Nico Bustos [19659003] IMAGE: VOGUE.ES

“ I've always been delighted to see Penélope on the cover of a fashion magazine, but Vogue Spain always feels that way The cover picture itself is beautiful, but I'm incredibly biased towards Penélope and I don't think she can go wrong, ”enthused vogue28 .

“I think it's one of my favorite covers for Spanish Vogue . This is a soft, pretty picture of Penélope. I like the simple styling… ”admires Bertrando3 .

Blizzard8358 simply used the word “breathtaking” to describe the cover.

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But not all agreed. "I really like it, but it's more of a YouTube teaser than a Vogue cover," criticized MON .

"Doesn't look like her. I have the feeling that I just saw her on the cover," said an uninterested summer day .

"Nice picture of Penélope, but the two of them in the In the year 2021 your eyes will draw right on her. " justaguy pointed out.

" NO to the hair color, the bare lips, the rose font, the overplayed Lady Godiva concept … I know it is Penélope Cruz is and that they shot her so many times that they did. No more ideas but then get someone to shoot her. The weak link, of course, is Nico Bustos, "disapproved Benn98 . [19659014] See more of Penélope's cover shoot and join the conversation here .

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