Where to Buy the Best Pantyhose Online 

Where to Buy the Best Pantyhose Online 

Pantyhose are, regardless of where you live, are essential because the transitional temperatures can make it a challenge to go completely bare-legged when wearing your favorite dress or skirt. And a good pair offers a little bit of extra warmth without fully covering your legs while giving you just the right amount of shape support. Because we think the legwear certainly deserves a spot in your undergarment drawer, we went on an investigation to find the absolute best pantyhose online—here’s what we found.

Nordstrom, Target, and Amazon all have a wide selection of styles available, and whether you’re looking for shapewear pantyhose or a pair that offers sheer, natural-looking coverage, these three retailers have it all. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top-rated styles—along with their standout reviews—that won’t immediately tear when you put them on, offer just the right amount of control, and are, most importantly, comfortable. Read on to see and shop the best pantyhose online.

“I ordered these Gloss Control Top Pantyhose when I became frustrated with some much more expensive pantyhose that lost shape within an hour of putting them on. These retain shape, fit really well, and are quite comfortable for control top pantyhose. I have them in black and bronze and the gloss is subtle and quite attractive. I whole heartily recommend!”—Nordstrom reviewer

“They last forever– I can wear them out in the freezing cold and they make my legs look GORGEOUS! So, so pretty on!”—Nordstrom reviewer

“Best pantyhose! Smooths every bump, but still very comfortable!”—Nordstrom reviewer

“This light opaque tight is great if you prefer a bit of coverage for work year-round. The control top is moderate but is good enough for a long day at work.”—Nordstrom reviewer

“These are by far the best nylons I’ve ever purchased! They have phenomenal support without messy seams or control top, making them perfect for underneath any outfit. The lace top is flattering yet firm.”—Nordstrom reviewer

“Love these pantyhose! rarely ever wear pantyhose because of the fit and feel, but these were very lightweight yet durable.”—Nordstrom reviewer

“These are perfect! They are light enough to not be hot during summer and strong enough to do their job. They keep you nice and smooth under clingy dresses and jumpers without any lines. I will definitely be buying them in black.”—Nordstrom reviewer

“These pantyhose are perfect! The shine and sheen are perfect. Head-turning!”—Target reviewer

“I like this control top hose product. I was able to get smoothing coverage without a lot of ‘muffin top’ from the band. They did not run and were silky and comfortable on my legs, which is important because I run around on my feet all day.”—Target reviewer

“I thought these would be like old-school pantyhose or something, but it turns out they fit well and were super comfortable! I bought four packs!”—Target reviewer

“These tights feel like silk! The sheer and smooth fabric is barely noticeable against the skin and looks terrific. And the design helps your legs look sexy!”—Target reviewer

“I always have several pairs on hand. They are the only ones I buy.”—Target reviewer

“Absolutely my favorite nylons. Excellent. Hold up in the wash well. Fit amazing if you like a nice supportive feel.”—Amazon reviewer

“These are perfect—worn them for years—comfortable and elegant.”—Amazon reviewer

“Having just discovered these, they are my new favorite pantyhose and my new go-to pair. They’re very very sheer and simply dazzling in appearance and strength. No snags, holes, or sagging either.”—Amazon reviewer

“‘These were as matte as they come and didn’t snag once, even puttering around the house barefoot and fighting the cat.”—Amazon reviewer

“It is really really good! I used it the day that it arrived and really loved the support and the silky feeling. No doubts that I’ll buy it again when I’m done with the six that came in the package.”—Amazon reviewer

“True to the description they’re very comfortable without the compressed feeling of tightness or the slacking of wimpy nylon hose. They’re the best I’ve come across by far!”—Amazon reviewer

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