10 Winter Trends I Found on Instagram After Scrolling Too Long

10 Winter Trends I Found on Instagram After Scrolling Too Long

If you scroll through Instagram enough you'll probably notice more than a few common themes. The printed Prada bag everyone and their mother are taking pictures? Yes, it usually went viral. What about the colorful knitted scarves that seem to go back to every single winter? While my job may require me to scroll through Instagram more than the average person, the dozens of photos grouped together in my saved folders prove that the trends are being noticed I was definitely something at the time. Meet the fashion trends on Instagram in the winter that we can ' t help but see in all of our feeds.

An endless number of influencers, editors, consumers, and different fashion people all agrees with the list below. Just don ' t take my word for it though — the proof is in the whole gram. Keep reading to see and all eight fashion picks and pick them yourself. I chose the best options at many price points.

Although there ' t many winter trends made for the holiday season, there is always room for a little comfort. Thanks to this trend, there are many sets that I’m sure you can escape wearing while going out as well.


Although this trend comes every winter, it ' s exciting to whenever it happens. It's like a portable blanket, so add one to your cart and bundle up.

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Listen, I know, Uggs haven't really run out of style yet but recently the go-to winter brand has been seen to be worn in a more stylish way than loungewear as usual.


capture. Telfar’s partnership with Ugg in 2020 is just the beginning, but this year many brands have added shearling styles to their collection.


We like to call this style of clothing "cloud coats". They are thinner than a puffer so the style is perfect for optimal layering, and easier to dress.


Cut-out dresses are the theme of summer, so why not bring style to winter knits? [19459012


I usually have a puffer jacket, but with the rise and fall of the season, it makes sense to have a vest jacket. on the deck. Plus, they are versatile when it comes to styling.

[194590358] [194590358] ] The skin season has come, everyone!

[1945901038] [1945901038] ] It may not be everyone’s taste, but it’s starting to grow on me. It’s especially beautiful when stylish with a coordinating sweater and oversized coat. Either way, it’s a convenient accessory that’s everywhere this winter.

The holiday season is approaching, so it's time to bring the drama. Sparkle, sparkle, and crystals — it's time for them to shine.

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