12 beautiful eyeshadow palettes Perfect for spring and summer

12 beautiful eyeshadow palettes Perfect for spring and summer

You have probably already redesigned your wardrobe for the warmer weather ahead. But we suspect you haven't gotten around to freshening up your makeup. Heck, we've just picked out our new supply of nail polish colors . The change of seasons means you should switch your eyeshadow colors to something more spring-friendly. Fortunately, there are already many beautiful spring eyeshadow palettes on the market.

Most people think the season calls for pastel colors but we encourage you to think outside of the range this year. Finally, there are plenty of borderline neon colors and bold primary colors to choose from. Whether you dare to shimmer a little during the day or just be naked, the best eye shadow palettes for spring are full of options. And most of our seasonal favorites suggest you mix and match colors. In addition, most of these shades are suitable for summer. So you don't have to exchange them for fresh pallets until the fall.

Ready to jump forward ? Here are 12 springtime eyeshadow palettes that last well into summer.

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