15 This Woman – Approved Halloween Costumes

15 This Woman – Approved Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a Halloween costume that hasn't been done a million times and you're excited to put together is quite a tall order, but it can be done. So how do you find the perfect Halloween costume —you know, the one that is equally unique, enticing, and wonderful?

The answer is simple: by turning to our seasoned panel of experts on all the cool, otherwise known as It girls of the fashion world. To give you a start, we’ve done celebrity research, and we share a variety of creative ideas from Alexa Chung, Adwoa Aboah, Kate Moss, and more. Below, you’ll find everything from stylish rounds to classic costumes to the inspiration that the movie’s characters will take.

Get started with your Halloween costume by bookmarking supremely stylish ideas. Plus, shopping for the essentials you need to recreate every creative look. Check out our 15 stylish Halloween costumes below.

The Costume: Alexandra Medford from The Witches of Eastwick. The essentials: silk robe, slip dress, black calf boots

The costume: troll. The essentials: green wig, statement coat, blue heels, blue face makeup

The costume: mermaid. The essentials: sparkly skirt, swim top, pink wig

The costume: Morticia Addams. The essentials: black dress, black coat, red lipstick

The costume: Harley Quinn. Essentials: bomber jacket, fishnet tights, pink blue hair dye

The costumes: race car driver. The essentials: checkered suit suit, sunglass, sandals

The costume: Catwoman. The essentials: long black gloves, cat ears, black dress, bold lips

The costume: Minnie Mouse. The essentials: red bodysuit, white tutu, Minnie Mouse ears, yellow shoes, mask

The costume: modern vampire. The essentials: red dress, pajamas, vampire teeth, sunglasses, slippers

The costume: Cleopatra. The essentials: shimmery gold dress, black wig, choker necklace, dark eyeliner, sandals

The costume: Dionne from Clueless. Essentials: black plaid mini skirt and matching blazer, white T-shirt, red cardigan, black tights, black mini bag, ankle boots

The costume: Coachella Beyoncé. The essentials: denim shorts, yellow sweatshirt, sparkly silver boots

The costume: skeleton. Essentials: black leather pants, leather gloves, a corset, black pumps, sunglasses, skeletal face makeup


The costume: Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman The essentials: black knee boots, blonde wig, cutout dress, hoop earrings, red lipstick

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The costume: fembot. The essentials: fur coat, fur heels, gloves, bare lips, blonde wig

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