18 Basic Ponytail Styles That Are Anything But Tiresome

18 Basic Ponytail Styles That Are Anything But Tiresome

Practical and ideal for resisting heat, a ponytail is the ultimate transfer of hair strength. You can see this in the movies-before the main character even saves the day, you can bet they tie their hair. After all, sometimes you just need of your hair from your neck to feel a little clear head. But there’s no denying that a humble ponytail can be a little drab sometimes, right? And while it may seem simple, it can be tricky to get it right. It’s annoying when you’re facing a wiggly separation or lumps and lumps and all you want is a smooth, pulled back pony.

"This is really one of the hardest looks to achieve," said Aaron Carlo, Tresemmé's top stylist. "The trick is to do it in two steps-you can't do it in one! First, split the hair in half. Start by tipping your head (this will prevent the bottom of your hair from sinking in." ponytail), and then section the hair from ear to ear and go through the top of your head and secure that with a ponytail.Then you can start drawing the hair from the bottom and secure that to ponytail. This way, you have less distance and amount of hair to control, and you avoid getting pieces of hair in the back that don’t sit properly. ”To conclude, Carlo recommends using a tight grip. hair spray to lock in style.

If a carefully curated messy ponytail is over your zone but you can't reach balance, Carlo advises you to work, rather than against, the natural texture of your hair. If you need to add some nerve to the root for texture, "" dry shampoo is your best friend, "Carlo says." Work with some of Tresemmé Between Volumizing Washes Dry Shampoo ($ 6) to the roots, then pull the hair in a topknot style, and secure it tightly. From here, you can pull a few face -framing bits, loosen the hair at the roots to create that movement and body, and you can pin and place any loose piece of hair to create the ' I just threw away my hair ' that you see everyone knows. "

Take a look below for the best ponytail hairstyles that we come back to from time to time.

Simple but effective. Cover your ponytail holder with a section of hair to enhance the look.

Noted: This is how you make a stylish hairstyle that is like a current trend.

The ultimate style of the second day-curl.

The Tendrils are back, and we're going to enter here.

Another shot is the ponytail + tendrils combo, but this time it's the braid edition.

The two textures on this ponytail along with the painted edges are gin pity for an elite combo.

Pineappling perfection.

An Ariana Grande – esque high, full pony that instantly completes a look. If you have shorter hair, fake it until you do it with Enter Name Here is the set of clip-in options.

Beauty Works also makes tons of great clip-in options for raising a naturally thin ponytail.

It's called santai-luxe. Click here for the coolest scrunches on the market today.

The kid's hair takes this ponytail to a different size.

If super tight styles aren't for you, then a low, loose look is always stylish.

For uniform waves, secure your hair in place before you move or bend your strands. We were beyond struck by the High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper ($ 120).

New level unlocked: rising headbands with braided horses. This affordable teasing brush from Revlon is gold.

For perfectly imperfect low ponytail, smooth hair in the ponytail holder, and then gently stressed by teasing the caps.

Flyaway or layers? Smoothing with a gel or pomade will keep your check. Shop the Edge Control pattern ($ 12) if you're after a smooth AF finish.

Hopefully, you don't need to be convinced that a casual ponytail is a perfect style for summer fit.

A padded headband literally takes a low ponytail to new heights. This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next up: TikTok Has Spoken, and The Iconic Hair Trends It Lasts

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