10 colored mascaras that will make you forget black

When we think of mascara we usually think of black, black, and more black. There's a reason black mascara comes in myriad colors. You can find light black, jet black, and blackest black. But black is nowhere near your only option. There are many other colors that equally deserve a place in your make-up bag.

You will likely notice the browns and marine tones when you pick up your favorite black mascara, but you can find just about any color of the rainbow ]. Purple, green, and blue are popular options, but you can get gold and red colored mascaras too.

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R.I.P. In My Bank Account – New Arrivals Are Everything

Recently I was thinking more about how I want to dress for this year. Like my fellow editors, I diligently bookmark and save a lot of outfit inspiration in preparation for the next spring fashion season. That also means investigating the newcomers section like a hawk to catch the freshest find before they sell. Right now, I & # 39; re in a slump when it comes to my wardrobe Рthe sad January weather certainly doesn̢ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t help Рso I̢ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t let go of my excitement for new clothes that make things fun. Below, I share the coolest newcomers from my most recent browsing across the web. Perhaps it is clear from this list my newly found love of neutrals and leather (faux and real); they are super versatile and you can bet that a classic
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The 10 best body butters that will help your skin survive the winter

Bad news: We haven't even reached halfway through winter. This means there is still a lot of dry air to deal with indoors. There is a way to combat the moisture wicking conditions, however. It's called body butter.

Sometimes considered a novelty, body butters are actually a necessary step in any hydration routine. We spend so much time moisturizing our face that we often forget that the rest of our bodies need love too. Usually packed with ingredients like shea butter or oils ( argan jojoba avocado to name a few), buttering can help keep parched skin at bay from our elbows to our feet. And thanks to their whipped texture, applying them is a lot more fun than traditional lotions.

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25 Cold Searches I'm Not Obsessed With Now

Shop for items I am currently focusing on – from affordable finds to investment purchases. Come back every week for my new options.

As a fashion editor, I continue to focus the latest emerging brands trends that are gaining strength, and new items that are declining among retailers. It & # 39; s my job to bring you the coolest found and special pieces I think deserve to be put in your closet, so I & # 39; t put everything together here in one column dedicated to the pieces that I can personally put my money. [19659003] I also have a specific style of style that blends my passion for minimalism in some days and maximalism in others, so you can & # 39; t find styles across the board here. The usual thread? A mindset for supporting amazing design talent and investing only in the pieces I plan Read more

Sexy plus-size lingerie for Valentine's Day that offers everything that Victoria's Secret or La Perla has to offer

Lingerie and Valentine's Day go hand in hand. But sultry plus size lingerie is frustratingly hard to come by. Now we are realizing that larger breasts may require extra support, but there are ways that support can be made sexy.

When it comes to plus size lingerie, there are seductive pieces that are even sexier than their straight size counterparts . We're talking peekaboo teddies, strappy bras and matching panties, and heartbreaking bodysuits. And the pieces are available at different prices, which makes stocking easier.

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