I'll End My Contact With These 6 Trending-Here's Why

There comes a time often when you need to look at your closet with a smart eye and decide which trends are worthy of touching and which are destined to be ditched . To be completely honest, it’s not always easy. If you’re like me and tend to hold on to fashion pieces for 10 years too long, it can be a particularly tedious task. Good news: I’ve been an editor for almost a decade, and it’s been my job to treat which trends are in and which are simply ready to leave. So, I’m here to help.

You may be wondering how often you should eliminate certain trends, and I have found the most success by doing this twice in a season — meaning twice in summer, fall, winter, and spring. Now that we’re in the middle of summer, it’s time to check out your closet and say goodbye Read more

Meet Tori Bell: The Founder of the Black Woman on Facebook and Incorporated Unpacked Integration

Welcome to Second Life a podcast that focuses on successful women who have made major career changes — and have fearlessly mastered the pivot. Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief content officer at Who What Wear, each episode gives you a direct line to the women game changers on their farms. Subscribe to Second Life on Apple Podcasts Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts to stay up to date.

As the last Eleven months have passed – which makes official history a federal holiday – we are all reminded as allies and advocates that much more needs to be done. One leader in the anti-racism movement was the radical Tori Bell . Bell began her community-centered diversity work by creating the global Black Women employee resource group on Facebook, which now has more than 2,500 members and allies who support those who identify as Black women within major Read more

These Swimsuits Are All Amazing, All for Sizes 14 and Above

Swim styles vary and differ as to the women who wear them . There may be full, moderate, or very little coverage ; retro and modern silhouettes; and every color (or printed or playful detail) in the rainbow. But we’ll admit that finding the best options – the ones that will take us to our next level – can be a challenge, including for women wearing size 14 and higher. So we did the search for you.

The best plus-size swimsuits of this era are by beautiful shoulder cuts, bold use of prints, and coverage for every comfort. They also come in a range of prices, too, so feel free to pick your favorite or stock up on a few. Either way, keep scrolling for every swimsuit jewel available today.

No tan lines, no problem. Available in 1X to 4X sizes.

Red polka dots give this haircut style a retro
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The Official Dos and Don & # 039; ts of Cocktail Attire for Women

Dress codes are something people don't talk about very much. From white ties to cocktail attire the gray area regarding what is acceptable to wear to these formal events is large. Today, we are here to talk about all the attire at the cocktail party. Believe it or not, there are “rules” for dressing for this occasion.

Up front we will bring you the do's and don'ts of cocktail attire. Some of these tips may be obvious, but others may surprise you. And in addition to our cocktail attire commands we show you where to shop for pieces to make sure you’re always dressed properly. Keep scrolling to discover how to look your chicest at your next cocktail socke.

A good rule of thumb here is don ' t wear something you don ' t want to wear. t want your boss to see you. In case you need a … Read more

I Just Moved From New York to L.A. and Different Clothes – Here's How

Like many people last year, my life was completely torn apart in the midst of the pandemic. Not only did I get a new job in Los Angeles, but I also moved across the country from Brooklyn to a city I had never been to before. Moving to LA is always on my bucket list, but there’s nothing like a lockdown so you realize how important space and easy access to the outdoors are. So after selling or donating every piece of furniture I owned, I traveled from New York City to the West Coast. I quickly realized a few things: Umbrellas and heavy boots are obsolete, and it’s almost always cold after dark no matter how hot it is in the sun. That means editing a ton of my winter boots and coats and adopting versatile pieces that can withstand the daily oscillation between the bursting of the sun
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